Knife Depot

Creating high quality knives and accessories since 2004.

Whether you're looking for a pocket knife for a birthday gift or a machete for tackling the backcountry, you can find it at Knife Depot.

  • Knives - Knife Depot puts the power in your hands with the best knives for collectors of all interests and realms. Choose from bowies and machetes, throwing and tactical knives, the best personalized knives and hunting knives for outdoors, folding knives, pocket knives, swiss army knives and accessories. Whether you're looking for a pocket knife or a survival knife, Knife Depot has you covered.

  • Outdoors - If you're more the outdoorsy type, search for classic hunting knives, throwing knives and axes, machetes, the best survival knives, boning and fillet knives,

  • Accessories - Stock up on knife sharpening tools, knife sheaths, knife cleaners and rust remover, storage and display cases to keep your sabers sharp and stored in style.

  • Medieval Armour Replicas - Step into the darkness of the Knife Depot, with fantasy swords and daggers, axes, claw knives and more blades that will make all of your darkest fantasies come alive. Enjoy a blast from the past with medieval swords and spears, dirks and daggers, axes and all of the medieval weaponry a knight could hope for. Suit up in medieval armor and shields to joust in proper medieval style, or splurge on fantasy and medieval decor to brighten up any man cave interior.

  • Razor Sharp Customer Service - Knife Depot doesn't just sell knives, they eat, sleep and breathe them (while staying safe, of course). Their cutting-edge customer service will respond at any time to your needs.

Knife Depot is dedicated to ensuring that you NEVER LOSE YOUR EDGE.

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