Italian Seed and Tool

The best Italian seeds - Italian vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds and more

Add Italian flavor to your garden with the best seeds around, featuring hundreds of hearty Italian seeds to choose from.

  • Italian Seed and Tool - Discover the best seeds, featuring the best Bavicchi Italian vegetable seeds, flavorful herb seeds, flower seeds, organic sprout seeds and more botanical treasures for your garden. You'll find gourmet Italian seeds that will help you feed a village, as well as practical gardening tools and supplies that will help you cultivate your gardens with ease and efficiency.

  • Italian Vegetable Seeds - From Italian beans, beets and brussel sprouts to mushrooms and peppers, onions and eggplant, Italian Seed and Tool will fill your shopping cart with all of your favorite Italian vegetable seed medleys. Browse all of your usual produce aisle picks with zucchini seeds, lettuce and celery seeds, artichokes and plump tomato and tomato hybrid seeds that are just ripe for the picking.

  • Italian Herb Seeds - Besides the best vegetable seed selection available online, you'll also find a zesty selection of aromatic and bold flavored herb seeds that will help you add a touch of Italian spice to every meal. Fill your spice racks with fresh Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Arugula, Rosemary, Sage and even more herbal Italian seed staples.

  • Flower Seeds - Find an A to Z selection of annual flower seeds, perennial seeds, and more of the best seeds that are guaranteed to flood your flower beds with a fragrant and festive variety of blossoms and buds. Choose from colorful collections of popular annuals, pretty perennials and biennials, ornamental plants, bushes and other vibrant floral varieties.

  • Tools and Supplies - Besides the best seeds in stock, Italian Seed and Tool also provides you with all of the gardening tools you need in order to tend to your new garden. From shovels and spades to sickles, pruning shears and trowels, you'll find helpful how-to gardening books, gardening gloves, knives, pruning tools, mesh produce bags and more premium supplies that will enhance your overall gardening experience.
The Italian Seed and Tool catalog brings a taste of Italy to your dinner table, featuring gourmet Italian vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and more of the best seeds from Italy that arrive in hermetically-sealed, long-life packaging, in order to preserve their freshness, and their flavor.

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