Oikos Tree Crops

Fruit trees, oaks and other wild plant varieties

Since 1985, Oikos Tree Crops has been providing their customers with an arboretum filled with numerous wild selections of plants and wild fruit trees from all over the world. Featured in major newspapers from The Wall Street Journal to the New York Times and American Gardener magazine, Oikos Tree Crops helps you grow your own edible wild fruits, trees and plants right in your own backyard.

  • Edible wild fruit trees and plants - Grow your own crops of Wild Strawberries, Wild Raspberries and Wild Grapes, or sink your teeth into succulent Beach Plums, Pawpaws, Currants and Gooseberries, Chokeberry-Aronia, American Persimmons, Viburnums, Blueberries, Serviceberries, Wild Plums and other more obscure native fruits found in the wilds of North America! You can also enjoy the freshest wild fruits in season with fresh produce collected from Oikos Tree Crop's best seedling wild fruit trees without a hint of sprays or herbicides added!

  • Wild plant varieties - Specializing in many wild edibles including cultivated, improved, and non-cultivated, forms of native and non-native wild fruit trees, shrubs and perennials, many of Oikos Tree Crop's featured wild plants are selections of open pollinated plants bred at their very own farms intended for human consumption. Plants are available in biodegradable paper pots or as field grown plants available in smaller sizes from 3 inches to 3 feet.

  • Rare and unusual plants - Searching for a rare or unusual plant that is nearly impossible to find? From Mast-Honeylocusts to Cherry Birch and Yellow Birch, American, Blue and European Beeches, Oikos marks the spot for finding the rarest of wild plant species. Choose from varieties of Buckeyes, Evergreens, Willows, or lovely flowering trees and shrubs featuring Maples, Lilacs, Lily Magnolias, Native Wisteria and others!

  • Growing supplies - Cultivate your wild fruit trees, and your green thumb with a little help from Oikos Tree Crops and their helpful collection of gardening books, fertilizers, amendments and more items to help your garden grow! You'll find mulch mats that are great for repressing weeds, biodegradable paper pots, protective tree shelters, water-soluble biostimulants including BIOPAK and HUMEX, and more exceptional products to aid the ecologist and gardener in us all!
Oikos Tree Crops takes their name from "Oikos" - the Greek word for "house" and the root word for "ecology". Whether you're looking for edible native fruits, wild fruit trees, oaks, nuts, perennials, or rare and unusual plants, Oikos Tree Crops brings you the fruits of their labor with ecological breakthroughs delivered right to your door.

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