Bluestone Perennials

Perennial plant and flower varieties, from the Bluestone Perennials catalog

Bluestone Perennials beautifies your garden with over 1,000 varieties of gorgeous perennial flowers, shrubs, mums and ornamental grasses to choose from.

  • Perennial Flowers - Whether you're an experienced gardener or an absolute beginner, Bluestone Perennials is every gardener's best friend, featuring an A to Z perennial plant collection delivered from their nursery, to your doorstep. Explore new varieties, top picks and specials from an extensive assortment of perennial flowers and plants that range from ferns and mums to veronicas and vines, with over one thousand long lasting options to choose from.

  • Shrubs - Gild your garden with a handsome array of shrubs and shrubbery that will enhance any landscape or garden design. Whether you're searching for half shade or full shade shrubs, fragrant azaleas or hydrangeas, rich evergreen or deer resistant shrubs, you'll have access to a diverse collection of foliage that will flatter your front lawn, patio or backyard.

  • Mums - Mums the word at Bluestone Perennials, featuring a colorful assortment of chrysanthemum plants for Fall and bloom color. Explore their online Mum Gallery to find your favorite vibrant hued varieties including adorable button and cushion mums, single flowered daisy mums, football mums, spoon and quill mums, available in a wide range of sizes and brilliant shades that will complement any perennial flower garden.

  • Pre-Planned Gardens - Take the guesswork out of gardening with easy to plant and easy to grow pre-planned gardens, featuring perennial plant and flower combinations that are chosen especially for you. Sit back and enjoy watching your garden grow, with low maintenance spring and fall blooming varieties that are designed to bloom throughout the entire season. From shade and cutting gardens to border gardens and butterfly gardens, you'll love the collection of samplers and arrangements that will add instant curbside appeal to your home.

  • Plant Finder - Having trouble finding the right plant for your garden? The Bluestone perennial experts are always at your service, offering a simple and convenient Plant Finder feature online that allows you to find your perfect plant or perennial flowers based on bloom time, height, soil condition, sun/shade, zone, color or climate!
Bluestone Perennials has enjoyed over 35 years of experience in the perennial plant and flower market, growing and shipping over 3 million plants a year, nationwide. Adorn your garden with Bluestone's best, featuring a greenhouse bursting with hundreds of varieties, so you're bound to find your perfect plant match.

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