Garden Composters by Sun-Mar

Garden Composters - Eco-friendly kitchen and backyard compost systems

Finally, you can enjoy composting made easy with innovative Garden Composters by Sun-Mar. A kitchen composter and backyard composter all in one, Sun-Mar's Composters help you compost kitchen waste, garden trimmings and even pet waste quickly and conveniently without odor or pests!

  • Sun-Mar Garden Composters - What makes Sun-Mar Garden Composters a step above the rest? These state-of-the art compost systems feature a unique and patented "AutoFlow" technology presenting a double drum design that allows for a continuous flow of compost material that you won't find in other backyard or kitchen composters. Enjoy the AutoFlow difference with the Sun-Mar 200 or 400 garden composter models that are cost-efficient, easy to use, and even easier to assemble!

  • How Sun-Mar Garden Composters work - In the top and out the end, it's as simple as that! Kitchen scraps and yard waste are added into the top of your garden composter, and finished compost automatically discharges out the end as the drum is rotated. Your compost loads and turns easily and exits automatically so you don't have to wait for batches to finish like you do with other kitchen composters and backyard composters. Plus, Sun-Mar garden composters are built rock solid and totally pest proof!

  • How Sun-Mar Garden Composters save you money - When you invest in a Sun-Mar AutoFlow drum composter, you are taking advantage of savings that will last you a lifetime. Their unique and innovative garden composters help you enjoy reduced water bills since soil mixed with compost retains water better than regular soil, which ultimately means less watering your garden! Plus, your new home composter is a free source of fertilizer, making it a dream come true for any gardener!
When it comes to choosing the right garden composter for your home, Garden Composters by Sun-Mar always make an ideal choice, helping you save money while treating your garden to first-rate home composted fertilizer. You'll feel good doing your part for the environment and saving money every month with their breakthrough garden composters that make home composting as easy as 1-2-3.

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