The world’s best garden tillers plus composters and cordless and electric products for your lawn and garden

The Mantis catalog features work-saving gardening and yard tools for homeowners including the world’s favorite small tiller. Innovative products for many outdoor chores.

  • Tillers - Garden chores were never this easy, or this enjoyable. Why buy a tiller from any other company when you can buy Mantis tillers directly from the company that developed the first, original small tiller concept over 35 years ago? Discover the lightweight, easy-to-use solution for all your garden chores with a complete line of classic and deluxe tillers, Mantis tiller parts, attachments and accessories that are ideal for working in any sized space for year-round garden maintenance. You'll find the right model to accommodate any gardener's needs with the best designs in the garden market, and the only ones that feature Mantis tillers' exclusive serpentine tines that provide optimal performance with a virtually unbreakable design, guaranteed for life.

  • Attachments - Get the most out of your tiller with the perfect Mantis tiller parts and attachments to get the job done. Choose from planter and furrow attachments, plow, lawn aerator and dethatcher attachments, wheel set options, border edger attachments, single or double edge trimmer bars, and even more garden perfecting solutions that are compatible with a wide variety of Mantis models.

  • Yard & Snow Products - Keep your lawn and garden perfectly manicured during the first snowfall to the first day of summer. You'll be prepared season after season with a durable and hardworking supply of lawn and garden gear. Mantis features everything from electric and cordless hedge trimmers to pro electric chainsaws, plus electric snow shovels, cordless grass and shrub shears, hand cultivators, garden carts, and handy products that'll help you cultivate your garden with ease throughout the calendar year.

  • Composter - Reuse, reduce and recycle right in your own backyard with an eco-friendly selection of composting systems that will help you create your own rich and natural fertilizers that will provide all of the essential nutrients that your plants need. The Mantis ComposT-Twin two-bin compost tumbler gives you a convenient place to stash your scraps while transforming leaves, garden debris and everyday kitchen scraps into a rich earth-friendly fertilizer that will be as beneficial for your garden as it is for the environment. Save money with composting accessories, parts, guides and kits that will have you composting like a pro in no time.
Find all of the fundamentals that you need to make garden maintenance and yard care even easier with the Mantis catalog, the company that has sold over 2 million Mantis tillers to an expansive family of satisfied customers world-wide.

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