Logee's Greenhouse

Tropical, rare & fruiting plants for indoors and outside

Since 1892, Logees Greenhouse has been flowering customers with over one thousand varieties of gorgeous indoor tropical plants and outdoor container plants for their homes and gardens.

  • Fruiting - Grow your own fruits with tropical and hardy fruiting plants that will have you growing your own citrus fruits, bananas, pomegranates, avocados, and more delicious fruit varieties from the comfort of your own backyard. You won't need to travel very far to enjoy a tropical vacation when you can transform your very own garden into a true tropical oasis with fruiting plants that will produce ripe and juicy key limes, guava, papayas, mangos, and more.

  • Outdoor - If you're an outdoor gardening enthusiast, you owe yourself a visit to Logees Greenhouse where they make it easy to fill your garden or backyard with the most luscious plant varieties available, including a vast selection of rare, hard-to-find, hard-to-grow and unusually fragrant options that will make the perfect addition to your outdoor living spaces. Browse for outdoor container plants by type, blooming season, hardiness zones or by their botanical name to find the ideal additions for your gardens, patios and sunrooms.

  • Indoor & Windowsill - If you don't have a vast outdoor garden to call your own, you can still practice your green thumb with indoor and windowsill container plants that will flourish both in the shade or in full-on sunlight. You'll find a lively and colorful selection of indoor tropical plants, from tiny 2.5 inch windowsill pots suitable for a beautiful bougainvillea or begonia, plus larger genus/species that are easily adaptable and totally suitable to fill hanging baskets and terrariums.

  • Plant Care- Keep your indoor and outdoor greenery flush and thriving with the finest maintenance products you can count on, season after season. Stock up on quality plant sprays, fertilizers and food, markers, humidity trays, watering cans, seed meal, and more helpful products that will help your plants receive the nutrients and supreme care they need. You'll also find gifts for gardeners from gardening books and stands to decorative baskets and glass house terrariums that will add life and natural beauty to any interior.
If you find yourself visiting nursery after nursery, searching high and low for rare and hard-to-find plants, take a trip to Logees Greenhouse online to enjoy a garden variety of indoor and outdoor container plants that you won't find anywhere else.

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