Seed Savers Exchange

The best heirloom seeds and plants

Seed Savers Exchange offers hundreds of varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for the home and market grower including some rare and limited edition varieties from their Preservation Gardens.

  • Vegetables & Herbs - Why spend time and money shopping the produce aisles at your local supermarket every week when you can grow your own fresh organic heirloom vegetables that are available anytime, right in your very own backyard? Plant the best heirloom seeds that will leave your garden overflowing with endless heart smart meal options, from arugula, spinach, cucumbers and cabbage to craft the perfect salad to hearty eggplant, okra, onions, peas and peppers. Stock up on cooking beans, garlic, seed potatoes, lettuce and leeks, corn, cauliflower, and more of the veggie flavors you pine for. Enjoy a foodie friendly selection of herb seeds that will help you grow your own fresh basil, rosemary, thyme, and other fine herbs that will add zest, spice and immeasurable flavor to each and every dish.

  • Flowers - In addition to their bountiful selection of vegetables, the Seed Savers Exchange catalog will also help your garden blossom with a kaleidoscopic collection of flower seeds that are guaranteed to paint any garden fantastic. From poppies and prairie seeds to zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers and sweet peas, you'll find all of your favorite floral varieties that will arrive in convenient, easy to plant packets with helpful planting instructions included.

  • Collections - Have a favorite vegetable type? Whether you're a fan of ripe and juicy heirloom tomatoes that are fresh off the vine or vitamin-fortified heirloom lettuce, the Seed Savers Exchange heirloom seed catalog has you covered with complete heirloom tomato and lettuce seed collections, as well as the medley of choices in heirloom varieties found in the Heritage Farm Favorites and the Children’s Seed Collection. These collections make excellent gifts for your gardening friends.

  • Books & Products - Shop the Seed Savers Exchange library for an all-inclusive collection of gardening books, from kid's titles to cookbooks that are chock full of delicious recipes using fresh ingredients that come right from your own garden. You'll also find color posters, postcards, calendars and essential seed saving supplies that will help you grow, store and save your collections, season after season.
The mission of Seed Savers Exchange is to conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.

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