Quintessence Creations

Inspirational wall art, angel gifts and home accents

Fill your home with the inspiration of angels, fairies and goddess auras from Quintessence Creations catalog to remind yourself that blessings come in many forms. Use their coupon code for savings on beautiful eclectic home decorations.

  • Angels - Whether you love the serenity of one special guardian in your angel home décor, or a home filled with lovely angels carrying inspirational thoughts, you will be inspired at Quintessence Creations. Give your worries to an angel pocket stone or light an aromatherapy angel tea light candle. Angel decorations for home display remind us that we attract what we attract and a peace angel, blessing angel or love angel figurine will bring light to your life.

  • Fairies - Inspirational wall art, art prints and wall art tiles filled with fairies create an enchanting home décor theme. If you have faeries in your life, you are surrounded with faith and inspiration. Carry a fairy pocket stone, pose a fairy figurine on your bedside table and hand write your greetings on a beautiful Silver Moon Fairy stationery writing set to feel the positive power of mystical faeries. Arrange flowers from your garden in an angel vase to remember that blessings are everywhere in nature.

  • Zodiac and Goddess Art - If eclectic home décor expresses your personality best, add zodiac wall art prints to your home. Find the Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces wall hangings, candle holders and greeting cards that speak to you. With beautiful art nouveau backdrops, dryads, mermaids, spirit animals and goddess theme 5x7 art prints will add a unique touch to your decorations for home and living spaces. Essential oils, aromatherapy candles and organic goddess body lotions make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, wedding showers and Valentine's Day.

  • Zen Decor - Zen products will bring you peace and happiness by adding tranquility to your home décor. Collect delicate hand carved Zen wands to manifest positive energy through chimes and chakra gemstones. Burn an inspirational pillar candle to cleanse your home of negative energies. Thoughtful gift sets let you share affirmation, intention and inspirational messages with everyone you love.
Quintessence Creations was formed from a passion for inspirational wall art angels and fairies, and the desire to create the ultimate source for angel home décor. They have collectibles and decorating accessories that promise to fill your life with inspiration, peace and positive energy.

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