The best support socks, diabetic socks, quality compression hose, foot products and more

Treat your feet to the best support socks and hosiery for healthy legs and feet, from the best diabetic socks to athletic socks and compression hose.

  • Best support socks - The Therawear catalog has your lower extremities completely covered from thigh to toe, offering an extensive variety of products that promote proper foot and leg health. Discover the best support socks and support hose that offer light, mild, moderate or firm compression support for men, women, athletes, moms-to-be and more from the most celebrated brands in the foot care industry. Find the best compression hose as well as specialty socks including diabetic socks and athletic socks, seamless socks for kids and even more helpful foot care items.

  • Specialty socks - Put your best foot forward with a collection of specialty socks that are designed to treat a number of unique foot care needs. Shop by category, sock type, style or brand with a selection that ranges from supreme travel socks to gel socks, sensitivity socks to padded socks and super soft seamless socks for kids. Stock your sock drawers up with the best diabetic socks from SmartKnit that offer extra cushioning while protecting your feet against artery disease, nerve damage, edema, foot pain, poor circulation, and various other harmful skin conditions associated with diabetic foot health.

  • Foot & leg health - Whether you suffer from uncomfortable calluses and corns, blisters and bunions, ankle swelling or arthritis, Therawear offers an arsenal of foot therapy aids that will relieve you of all of your most persistent foot aches and pains. Shop for the best support socks as well as a feel-good assortment of foot relief accessories including shoe insoles for general foot pain, foot pads for ball-of-foot discomfort, arch and ankle supports, athlete's foot treatments, heel cups, moisturizers, arthritis relief products and more innovative products that tackle any problem that is plaguing your feet.

  • Athletic - Exercise responsibly while keeping your feet comfortable, protected and properly supported with the best support socks for athletes' feet. Choose from premium running socks, ankle supports, and knee supports as well as compression socks and sleeves that offer ultimate ease for mild swelling, poor circulation and all around achy legs. From ankle socks to open toe and crew style, you'll find the right socks and foot care items that will maximize all of your workouts while minimizing all of your foot pains.
From knee-highs to thigh-highs, footless to anti-embolism, Therawear is your premiere online destination for the best support socks that feature four levels of graduated support. No matter if you're shopping for socks for children or adults, diabetics, athletes or travelers, you'll have access to the best compression hose and foot care products that are good for your overall foot health and guaranteed to knock your socks off.

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