The Clean Bedroom

Natural organic bedding and mattresses for a healthier night's sleep

A healthy organic mattress and organic bedding will help you sleep better. It's as simple as that.

For decades, allergists have been telling their patients a clean sleeping environment with natural linens relieves allergy suffering. Now it's time the rest of us benefited from their advice.

Sleeping on organic mattresses or natural latex mattresses reduces dust mite irritation and relieves pressure points. Sleeping with organic natural linens means you no longer place harmful flame retardant toxins so close to your body every night. Running an air purifier with HEPA home air purifier filters cleans the air you breathe. The result? You enjoy the deep, comfortable sleep your body's immune system needs to wake up refreshed.

Why a healthy mattress?

A typical mattress is stuffed with polyurethane foam and other materials that may have been treated with flame-retardants and covered with material treated with water or stain resistant chemicals. These, along with chemicals emitted from polyurethane foam, such as toluene, can contribute to indoor air pollution.

If you replace your mattress with one made of: natural or organic cotton, natural latex, organic wool, then add an organic cotton pad or wool mattress topper, organic cotton or 100% all natural cotton sheets, an organic cotton duvet cover and a hypoallergenic natural latex pillow, you'll avoid the toxins and sleep healthier. That means you'll also live healthier.

What about baby?

Baby's fragile immune systems are most affected by toxins. That's why organic baby bedding is so important to your baby's health. The Clean Bedroom has natural baby bedding, including organic cotton sheets, organic wool bedding and bumpers, and safe and supportive organic mattresses.

For the finest organic bedding, including organic baby bedding, organic bedding for adults, natural wool or buckwheat pillows and other pure, anti- allergy bedding, plus HEPA home air filters, check out the online and print bedding catalogs from The Clean Bedroom. The best organic bedding for the best sleep ever.

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