Alternative Energy Store

Solar, wind and alternative energy resources and systems for your home

Go green with home solar energy systems, residential wind power systems and useful information about how solar energy works, when you shop the Alternative Energy Store.

Choose from:
  • Home solar power systems - Start out with a complete kit, or create your own home solar energy systems when you shop their site for solar resources for your home - solar panels, solar tracking arms, solar water heaters and other innovative solar power supplies. Harness the clean, infinite energy of the sun when you install solar power panels instead of relying on expensive oil, gas or electric for daily energy needs.

  • Residential wind power - Set up a home wind power system for your home, farm or business . Let the experts at the Alternative Energy Store teach you about getting off the grid and installing clean wind power generators

  • Portable solar power for your RV - Take your clean power on the road. Check out the options for solar power for a home on the road. These compact units let you minimize your need for connections as you travel, giving you the flexibility to enjoy more remote locations far from the hustle and bustle of commercial campsites. Look for foldable and rollable panels, too.

  • Energy efficient appliances - Check out their selection of battery (DC) and 100% gas refrigerators and freezers for completely electricity-free operation. Or consider energy-efficient tankless water heaters and washing machines for the performance you need without waste.

  • Solar battery chargers and controllers - Use the power of the sun to charge small and large solar batteries, and battery banks. Create an array for off peak energy availability, or use a charger for household rechargeable batteries to power handheld electronics such as iPods and 2-way radios. Add a solar electric charge controller to charge batteries safely and efficiently.

  • Hydroelectric energy resources - Check out the micro hydro turbines for a new and renewable source of power for your green lifestyle.

  • Solar power inverter - Convert the DC (Direct Current) from your storage batteries into useable AC (Alternating Current)to poer ordinary household electronics and appliances. Choose a simple model to power lights or small appliances, or a more sophisticated model that lets you power your whole home or sell excess energy back to the local utility grid.

The Alternative Energy store Is the right choice for anyone who wants to reduce energy consumption, or create a lifestyle off the grid. From home solar panels and home power cells to turbines and inverters, they have the products your greener life demands.

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