Bureau for At-Risk Youth

Materials to prevent youth violence, addictions, relationship issues and other at risk youth concerns

At risk youth resources and tools for parents, educators, counselors, kids and teens of all ages, from The Bureau for At-Risk Youth.

  • The Bureau for At-Risk Youth - Since 1991, The Bureau for At-Risk Youth has helped a vast number of at risk teens and children of all ages by publishing and providing a helpful series of unique, hands-on tools and guidance collections for teachers, counselors, parents and professionals working with at risk youth. From drug, alcohol and youth violence prevention to conflict resolution and sexual responsibility, the Bureau will help children at risk blossom, one case at a time, one child at a time.

  • Shop by Topic - No matter what issues your students, kids and teens are dealing with, the Bureau has tools, tips, resources and solutions that will help them find confidence and comfort as they learn, grow, change and succeed. Shop by topic from a long list of topical issues including:

    • Abuse
    • Anger
    • Bullying
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Cyber Safety
    • Drug & Alcohol Prevention
    • Self-Esteem
    • Domestic Violence
    • Teen Relationships & Sexuality

      ...and even more important youth-oriented issues that children at risk are dealing with and struggling to overcome everyday.

  • Shop by Media - From books and CD's to videos and DVDs, you'll find all of the right hands on tools and guidance materials that will help at-risk teens on their journey to a better present and a better future. Choose from an extensive assortment of at risk youth media materials, from posters to hang on the walls to pamphlets and prevention programs that will aid and inspire. Break through walls with therapeutic games, workbooks, informational handouts, and more life changing tools and supports.

  • Shop by Age - Whether they're an 8th grader dealing with bullying and youth violence issues or a junior in High School dealing with stress, anger, peer pressure or grief, The Bureau will help you provide specific materials for at-risk kids, conveniently classified by age group. Shop a wide selection of guidance tools and resources for Pre-K, Elementary School, Middle School and High School students.
For nearly two decades, The Bureau for At-Risk Youth has served as a safe haven for troubled teens and children, earning a celebrated national reputation for proving award-winning guidance, prevention, life skills, and mental health materials to schools, social service organizations, youth services and parents, as well as various local, state, and federal government programs who work closely with at risk youth.

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