Full Spectrum Lighting

Bring natural sunlight into your home or office with full spectrum light therapy lamps

Natural sunlight contains the full light spectrum - that's why it makes us feel so good. But it's not always possible to get enough natural light, especially during certain seasons of the year. Now you can let the sun shine in to your home or office anytime with beautiful full spectrum lamps, light fixtures and full spectrum lightbulbs.


Full spectrum lamp styles for every decor - Bring the beauty and warmth of pure sunlight into any room in your home with full spectrum lamps. Unlike regular incandescent lamps, these specially designed lights use a full spectrum light bulb to reproduce the healthy effects of natural light resulting in reduced eyestrain, improved mood, and warmer look in your home.


Full Spectrum Solutions Online Catalog - Full Spectrum Lighting is now going green with an online version of their print catalog that allows you to view every page, conveniently on your computer screen! Flip page by page and shop for Full Spectrum light therapy lamps without wasting paper!


Light therapy lamps - The number one treatment for seasonal affective disorder is full spectrum light. When it's not possible to get enough sunlight, light therapy lamps can provide the therapeutic light frequencies so essential to reversing SAD. A brief time in front of a specially designed seasonal affective disorder lamp can counteract the effect of long winter nights, overcast conditions, or too many days spent indoors and away from sunshine.


Full spectrum lamps and overhead fixtures for the office - Studies suggest that installing full spectrum fluorescent bulbs in overhead fixtures in the workplace can improve employee mood and productivity while reducing absenteeism. Replace the glare and yellowing of ordinary commercial lighting in your office, factory or school with healthier natural light fixtures and full spectrum bulbs.


Replacement full spectrum lightbulbs - Upgrade your existing lamps and fixtures with the warm tones and healthy glow of full spectrum bulbs. These long-lasting bulbs bring the beauty of the outdoors to every room in your home. Turn all you fixtures and lamps into light therapy lamps and begin to enjoy your home more no matter what the season.


Let Full Spectrum Solutions bring the sunlight into your home or business. Choose decorative lamps, full spectrum light therapy lamps, ceiling fixtures, boxes for light therapy, light bulbs, and simulated sunrise lamps to make every day as warm and welcoming as summertime.

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