ReBath for the best wall surrounds, bathtub liners and other bathroom renovation products

Let Re-Bath, the world's largest bathroom remodeler, create your dream bathroom. ReBath specializes in remodeling bathrooms and can put a new bathtub or shower base liner over your old one, convert your bathtub to a shower, replace your tub or shower base with a new one, and put new walls over your old and outdated tile, offering the largest selection of colors, styles and patterns!

  • Bathtub surrounds - With bathtub surrounds and wall surrounds custom manufactured for your individual bath, ReBath offers a variety of designer wall colors to highlight your new dream bath. Choose from over 9 different patterns for an elegant added touch. ReBath's installation process allows for a stress-free remodeling experience, so your bath tub surround will be installed and ready in no time!

  • Bathtub liners - Out with the old and in with the new! Re-Bath shower base and bathtub liners are custom manufactured to fit perfectly over your old existing bathtub or shower base! With their revolutionary design and installation technology they can go over virtually any size and shape bathtub or shower base giving you the perfect bathtub refinish! Professional installation takes only one day and your new bathtub liner will be ready for a bath the next day!

  • Bathroom remodel pictures - For bathroom design ideas, Re-Bath features an online photo tool so you can take the guesswork out of bathroom remodeling! Create your own magnificent bathroom designs! Whether you need to remodel a small bathroom or a large master bath, ReBath allows you to watch the before and after transformations instantly!

  • Bathroom accessories - Your bathroom renovation isn't complete without accessorizing! ReBath has the accessories, surrounds and enclosures you need to spice up your bathroom shower and bathtub! From top of the line soap dishes for your bathtub to shower seats to small bathroom design space saving towers! You'll find shelves for shampoo, a bath safety bar for ease getting in and out of the bathtub and even more expertly designed bathroom ideas!
Re-Bath believes bathroom remodeling need not be a messy, expensive headache. Since 1979, they’ve pioneered an entirely new concept in bathroom remodeling. Why tear-up your home and disrupt your life with weeks of laborers, dust, debris and inconvenience? At Re-Bath they preserve the tranquility of your home with quiet, clean, quick and affordable remodeling.

Re-Bath presents you with an alternative to worn out bathtubs, outdated tile walls and dingy shower bases. After all, it’s easier to enjoy a long soak or refreshing shower when you’re surrounded by a new bathtub, walls or shower. They can put you in a beautiful bath, better and faster than anyone. Re-Bath will transform your old bathroom into an inviting retreat from life’s daily stress.

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