Coco Bidets

Bidet toilets and seats for your health and comfort

Turn ordinary bathroom toilets into healthier bidet toilets with the help of COCO Bidet. Whether you're doing a full bathroom remodel, or just looking for a way to improve your existing bathroom, consider one of their bidets.


Full featured bidet toilet models - Convert standard bathrooms into luxury bathrooms with COCO's comfort-focus bidets. Heated water and seats, adjustable streams, and FAR infrared dryers mean unmatched cleanliness and comfort. Best of all, COCO Bidet bathroom plumbing fixtures are easy to install, and fit most standard toilets.


Affordable toilet seat bidet models - Enjoy the cleansing benefits of a bidet bathroom fixture with an affordable toilet bidet that uses existing water lines. This round or elongated toilet seat bidet provides your entire family with the benefits of separate bidet toilets with a quick install and low price.


Make this the year to replace costly and ineffective rolls of toilet paper with a cleaner, more effective bidet. Each of their bidet sets fits on an existing toilet, and includes the bidet faucet and all installation hardware. Full-featured bidets include electrical components, dryers, heaters and deodorizer units. Some models offer a remote for ease of adjustment.

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