Victorian Fireplace

Gas fireplace inserts, electric fireplaces and decorative mantels

Victorian Fireplace catalog has the inserts, mantels, baskets and accessories you need to renovate, restore and repurpose the small coal burning fireplace in your home.

  • Gas Coal Baskets and Inserts - Convert your old fireplace to a clean, beautiful gas fire with a bas coal basket or gas insert that turns an inefficient masonry fireplace into a high efficiency heat source. You will find contemporary and traditional styles here, along with the Victorian reproductions. These provide the period-authentic beauty of a coal fire, with none of the mess. Your fireplace will be the restful, appealing focal point of any room in your house, from the living room to dining room, bedroom and even bathroom.

  • Unique Gas and Electric Fireplaces - Determine which suits your home better, a decorative fire created with open fireplace burning gas logs or coal logs, or a high efficiency gas insert that heats your room while adding traditional ambiance. These inserts fit very small old fireplaces or contemporary homes. Choose an electric fireplace that is as easy to operate as plugging in an appliance - they have freestanding electric stoves, electric fireplaces with mantels, wall mount electric fireplaces and inserts that will retrofit into an existing fireplace.

  • Fireplace Tiles and Accessories - Facing your gas or electric fireplace with the right decorative fireplace tile can make your entire room. Go for historic accuracy by selecting art nouveau or art deco tiles, or add a pop of contemporary style to your home with sleek modern subway tiles. You will also want to accessorize your fireplace, for both practicality and looks. Victorian Fireplace catalog has andirons, ash buckets, blow pokes and more accessories that are scaled to use with small vintage fireplaces, as well as brass, nickel and copper accessories suitable for a large wood burning fireplace.

  • Mantels, Mirrors and Retro Décor - The mantel is a prized location in your home, perfect for displaying photos, candles and heirlooms, so make sure you select the vintage mantel, mantel shelf or antique mantel that best fits both your fireplace and your décor. You will find everything you need to create a showcase wall around your fireplace here, from vintage décor and statement mirrors to cast iron cookware. There is a wonderful selection of Victorian hooks, benches, baskets and canisters that will help create the perfect setting for relaxing around the fire.
If you are planning to replace your old prefab fireplace, or need to renovate your antique one, you will appreciate the help in their technical library. There are answers on everything from chimney lining requirements and pilot lights to fireplace design and gas fuel codes. After you've decided upon the perfect fireplace for your home, don't forget to shop with the valuable money saving coupon code.

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