Old Telephones by PhoneCo

Telephone antiques, reproductions and novelty phones

Turn back the clock with working telephone antiques that bring back days of yore!

  • Telephone antiques from all eras - Remember the chic ornate French telephones that movie stars favored? Perhaps you favored the simpler candlestick phones, or the antique wall telephone in the country store. Whatever your preference, antique telephones and reproduction telephones are organized by time and by fashion for easy viewing.

  • Rare Stromberg Carlson telephones - Each Stromberg Carlson phone is a classic, and you'll find several versions here, from a rare vintage wall telephone to several Art Deco versions from the roaring 20s.

  • Classic Mickey Mouse telephones - Lovable Mickey Mouse phones revive memories of simpler times; you'll find them here, along with several other Disney telephones featuring characters from the past and the present.

  • Old pay phones - That relic of the past, the now antique pay phone, is actually still around, with several style choices including a rotary wall telephone with coin box and reproduction telephones that replicate payphones from the 1950s.

  • The novelty phone of your youth - Poring through the retro telephones will bring back plenty of memories, from the ever popular genie phone to the princess phone that took American girls by storm. Did we mention the Mickey Mouse telephones? They're still a hit today!

Whether you're in the market for valuable telephone antiques, retro telephones, or just need specific antique telephone parts, make your first call to PhoneCo Inc.

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