Tea Unique

Tea accessories - From teapots and tea strainers to a tea warmer

The tea experts at Tea Unique are driven by their passion for tea, searching the world for the most unique collections of tea pots, tea cups, tea accessories and accoutrements that add enjoyment to every sip you take.

  • Tea accessories - Whether you are enjoying high tea with friends and family or an early morning cup of tea by yourself, Tea Unique has all of the tea accessories a tea lover needs in order to brew the perfect cup, day or night. Enjoy loose leaf tea and teabag varieties, charming tea pots and kettles, tea strainers, infusers and more unique tea essentials.

  • Tea pots and tea kettles - Treat yourself to a tea pot that makes a lovely cup of tea and is lovely to display, from an elegant selection of tea pots and coordinating tea accessories from Tea Unique. You'll find iPots in a wide range of handsome colors, Asian inspired glass teawares and electric and stovetop tea kettles that make tea making as easy as drinking.

  • Tea cups - Shop for coffee and tea cups that will make every cup of afternoon tea or coffee a warm and comforting ritual. Choose from elegant porcelain teacups and mugs or themed designs that make great gifts for all of the tea lovers in your life. Tea Unique even has tea cups that come with adorably matched tea accessories including honey spoons, tidbit holders and tea saucers.

  • Tea strainers and tea infusers - Savor every hot sip of tea with the perfect tea strainer or tea infuser to filter out those loose leaf tea leaves. Enjoy stainless steel mesh tea strainer balls, tea infuser spoons and more infusing tea accessories including infusing cups and mugs that come with a removable ceramic infuser and lid so you can steep directly in the cup!

  • Tea warmers - Keep your tea at an ideal temperature with a tea accessory that every kitchen needs, a tea warmer that protects your tea and hot beverages from getting cold. Choose from cast iron tea warmers or Tea Unique's popular ceramic tea pot warmers that match all of the colors of their tea pots, so you can enjoy a perfectly matched set or have fun mixing and matching.
Tea Unique brings tea aficionados a unique tea shopping experience, featuring a variety of exceptional tea accessories from tea strainers and warmers to tea infusers, cups, creamers, saucers and of course, delicious tea flavors.

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