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Traditional English tea - Loose leaf or English tea bags and traditional tea pot sets

Everything you need to brew the perfect cup of tea is here, right in store at the English Tea Store. Brew a pot of traditional English tea with loose leaf tea and brand name English tea bags available, as well as elegant gourmet tea gifts, tea pot sets and accessories!

  • Traditional English tea - It's tea time all the time at the English Tea Store, where they've expertly mastered the art of fine tea making, and drinking! You don't have to visit London to enjoy a cup of traditional English tea anytime the mood strikes you. Whether your prefer English tea bags or loose leaf tea varieties, you'll adore the delicious tea brands the English Tea Store has to offer featuring over one hundred different blends, exquisite gourmet tea gifts and accessories, plus yummy British morsels to serve at your next tea party!

  • English tea bags & loose tea - Everyone has a preferred tea type. Some are fans of traditional English tea cups of Earl Grey while others prefer a nice spot of loose leaf Chai tea. Whatever your tea personality type is, you'll find your flavor in the English Tea Store pantry with various blends of teas available for the choosing including breakfast tea, afternoon teas like Darjeeling, white, black, green, herbal, fruit, mint, vanilla, black currant, organic, Christmas, spiced, and decaffeinated teas available in 25 or 50 count English tea bags or loose tea form!

  • Tea pot sets & gourmet tea gifts - Once you've chosen your perfect tea flavors from the English Tea Store tea chest, you'll be ready to indulge in a sweet selection of gourmet tea gifts and accessories that will complement every sip. From tea kettles to tea pot sets, plus British food that will go perfectly with your afternoon tea break, you'll find exquisitely decorated tea pot sets, electric kettles, sugar and creamer sets, mugs, tea sets, tea cozies, drip catchers, and charming gourmet tea gift baskets filled with traditional English tea to share with loved ones!

  • Brandname English tea - When it comes to hot beverages, more and more people are choosing the delicate taste of tea over coffee. Tea connoisseurs can now shop for their favorite brand names in tea from both the United States and England! Enjoy an international tea selection with sought after teas and British delights from brands including PG Tips Tea, Typhoo, Taylors of Harrogate, Harrisons & Crosfield, Stash Tea, Twinings of London, and more traditional English teas to choose from!
Whether you're shopping for delicate tea pot sets, English tea bags or loose tea blends to warm you up, when you want a cup of traditional English tea that is good to the last delicious drop, the English Tea Store is the only tea shop you ever need to visit.

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