Outdoor gear, camping supplies, backpacks and tents

Moosineer catalog is the place to find the most innovative camping gear, tents, sleeping bags and backpacking supplies to make your outdoor adventure fun, comfortable and safe.

  • Tents, Sleeping Bags and Backpacks - The carefully tested outdoor gear here is selected to make your overnight under the stars everything you want it to be - with ultralite, temperature tested sleeping bags, 2- and 3- person tents and sturdy, efficient backpacks. Choose a tent from Recluse, Eureka or Kelty, and be assured it will be easy to set up, high quality and well ventilated, with a minimal pack weight. Then crawl into a sleeping bag designed for the elements, whether that's a Rocky Gap -20 degree flannel bag or Ledge featherlite sleeping bag with thermos shield, full length zipper and adjustable hood. Of course, pack it all into a backpack with the hottest features on the market - indestructible frame, plenty of pockets, hydration compatible, ice-axe loops and adjustable suspension.

  • Firestarters and Camp Cookers - With fire, your comfort on a routine trip and odds of survival in an emergency both increase exponentially. The one thing you must not forget is an efficient and fool proof Firestarter, so select a fireknife, firesteel or magnesium fire starting tool from the Moosineer catalog, and pack some tinder dust to make the job of getting warm easier. You should also choose the right cooker or camp stove for your adventure, and pack a mess kit, stainless kettle, coffee percolator and backup fuel.

  • Essential Food and Water - Pack sparsely but plan efficiently, and the innovative outdoor gear here will make this easy. They carry packaged camp meals from Mountain House, Alpine Aire Foods and a wide selection of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also want to consider the Tomahawk hydration pack, as well as water treatment tablets and Katadyn Expedition filter. For those who are not heading into the great outdoors, but want to put up a store of emergency food and water, this is the right place to prepare for weather or natural disaster related events.

  • Pharmics Nutritional Products - Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy life, and Pharmics provides quality nutritional products to the bariatric, pediatric and obstetric markets. Ferretts iron supplements can make the difference with both improved tolerability and absorption. Their bariatric supplements, breastfeeding complexes and prenatal multivitamins provide nutritional support in gentle, easy to swallow tablets - free of gluten and dye.
You can use the categories here as you checklist of camping essentials, checking off your must have outdoor survival items like first aid kit, mag light, hygiene equipment and navigational instruments as you plan your next adventure. You can trust that all of the backpacking and camping gear here is the most innovative and cutting edge design available, and enjoy coupon code savings while you stock up.

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