NRS - Northwest River Supplies

Kayaking gear, rafting and paddle sports accessories

When you’re ready for adventure, let NRS provide you with the best in kayaking gear and camping supplies. From the launch to the end of your trip, you’ll be completely outfitted.

  • Kayaking gear and accessories -- Whether you’re boating challenging white water, ocean waves or placid inland waters you’ll find the clothing, life jackets, sprayskirts, paddles and other kayak accessories you need. They also have lightweight inflatable kayaks for hike-in sites.

  • Rafts and Catarafts -- NRS makes the best Hypalon® inflatables you can buy, period. And they carry the complete line of frames, oars, paddles and other accessories you need for whitewater, fishing and family outings.

  • Boating apparel – No matter what type of boater you are, NRS has the garments you need for protection from wind, wave and sun. They have complete lines of wetsuits, drywear, splash wear, base layers, gloves and footwear – for all climates and conditions.

  • Safety gear – NRS is your safety and rescue headquarters. They have it all, from rescue life jackets to helmets, ropes, knives, whistles, carabineers, books, videos and more.

  • Waterproof storage -- Keep your gear dry along the way in NRS dry boxes and dry bags. Kayakers, rafters and canoeist turn to NRS for just the right products to keep their cargo safe and dry.
NRS is a leading manufacturer of paddle sports equipment. Founded over 30 years ago by people who love boating, they have been instrumental in transforming paddling from an esoteric specialty to a mainstream activity with thousands of participants every year. They work to create gear that is continually innovative, functional and constructed to the highest technical standards.

Before you hit the water, make sure you have the right gear, information and equipment. Shop the leader among extreme sports companies, long recognized for outstanding achievement and excellence in the service, promotion and sales of paddle sports equipment and kayak accessories.

NRS – First On The Water!

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