Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center

Be prepared - Emergency food supplies and survival kits for camping or any situation

Nitro Pak is your freeze dried food headquarters featuring a wide selection of emergency foods, survival kits and gear to meet all of your emergency preparedness needs.

  • Emergency Foods - Whether you're camping, hiking, or preparing for an imminent storm or emergency, you'll have access to a wide selection of emergency food supply staples that have been proven, tried, tested and true. Browse a selection that covers all of the basic food groups with freeze dried foods, dehydrated foods and no prep meals that are simple to prepare and a cinch to clean up. You'll find MRE's, vegetarian meals, allergen-free foods, and reserve food packs that will keep you fed for 3 days up to a full year. Don't forget to stock up on an astronaut-approved assortment of freeze dried ice cream for dessert.

  • Survival Kits - Hope for the best but be ready for the worst. Pick up an all-purpose emergency kit that will equip you with everything you need on hand to handle the worst case scenario. Find the perfect kit to meet your needs including Nitro Pak's 72 hour survival kits, safety vehicle kits for the car, earthquake and hurricane specific kits, first aid kits, and more options that will help you take the necessary precautions and persevere during any problem that may arise.

  • Water Filters & Storage - Keep the water flowing and your body well hydrated with an assortment of water storage and filtration products that are essential for any emergency survival plan. Choose from water filters and purifiers, water barrels, containers and storage, purification tablets and treatment supplies, water test kits, replacement parts, and more. Shop by brand, purification method, storage size or purpose with affordable solutions that will provide you with clean water no matter where you are.

  • Emergency Prep - Ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and prepared for any state of emergency with a smart selection of products that will leave you covered whether you're tending to a small cut or keeping abreast of the latest news during a natural disaster. You'll find AM/FM radios, emergency lighting, first aid supplies, camping gear, survival books, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and survival supplies that range from knives to alarms, pepper spray and safes.
For 25 years Nitro Pak has cornered the MRE market, providing an affordable selection of emergency preparedness supplies. From freeze dried emergency food supply products to first aid kits and water filtration, you'll find over 50,000 products actively in-stock and ready to ship.

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