Cabela's Fly Fishing Catalog

Your fly fishing headquarters

No matter what kind of fly fishing equipment you need, you'll find it all in the Cabela's fly fishing catalog.

  • An exceptional line of fly rods -- Enjoy the finest selection of today's ultra light composite and graphite fly fishing rods. Unlike earlier heavy bamboo fly rods, these high tech fly fishing poles allow you to select the right action, weight and length for your casting style and quarry. Choose traditional two piece rods, or newer multi-sectional rods that fit easily into a trunk or backpack.

  • A complete collection of fly tying supplies -- From feathers, beads, hair and thread to unique fly tying patterns and tools, they have everything you need to tie the right flies for your next trip. Pick the elements you need, or select one of their kits, complete with fly tying instructions and materials.

  • A huge selection of fly fishing flies -- Add to your collection with Cabela's collection of handcrafted flies. Whether you need dry or wet flies, warm water, saltwater or lake flies, they have the right flies for wherever your next fishing trip takes you. Or choose one of their assortments to be ready for anything - perfect as a gift for the fly fishing enthusiast in your life.

  • Fly fishing reels -- Next to the pole, your choice of fishing reels is the most important factor in your casting. Check out the newest choices in reels, with up-to-the-minute options in drag, frames and a variety of arbor sizes to meet your fishing needs and budget.

  • Leaders and tippets for fly fishing -- Great casting and even the perfect flies won't get you a catch if the fly doesn't reach the target, or the fish can spot the line. Make your fishing experience one for the books with the latest in leader and tippet materials, in knotted and knotless designs.

  • Fly fishing equipment -- From shirts and vests to hats and fishing waders, Cabela's has everything you need to enjoy your next fishing trip. Shop their catalog or online for a complete fly fishing store wherever you are.

Let Cabela's catalog bring the world of fly-fishing home to you. From the latest rods, reels, line and fly tying patterns to books and videos featuring casting tips and fly tying basics, they are ready with everything a novice or experienced fly fisher needs.

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