Discount pet meds for your fine and furry friends

Proudly known as America's Largest Pet Pharmacy, 1800 Pet Meds delivers both prescription and non-prescription discount pet meds along with nutritional food, vitamins and supplements for dogs, cats and horses.

  • Medications - When man's best friend is sick, no one is happy. No matter what symptoms your dog or cat is exhibiting, when it comes to Pet Rx, you can always depend on the online pet pharmacy that makes purchasing medications as easy, convenient and economical as possible. From antibiotics to allergy meds, joint support to digestive aids, you'll find low priced options that will help you nurse your beloved friends back to perfect health, without breaking the bank.

  • Flea & Tick- Find the widest selections of flea and tick medicine for dogs as well as your favorite feline friends. You'll find plenty of options for keeping those nasty fleas and ticks outside and off of Sparky and Fluffy's shiny coats. Stock up on effective flea and tick pills, applications and treatments from Frontline and Advantage for both dogs and cats. Save even more with an exclusive 1800 Pet Meds coupon that will keep you on budget and your dogs and cats safe and scratch-free.

  • Heartworm - You say you want a Revolution against heartworm disease? You'll find everything you need to join the Revolution and win! Choose your favorite brand of discount pet meds including Revolution for dogs and cats, Sentinel, Interceptor heartworm pills, or Heartgard in chewable and tablet form. No matter which preventative heartworm treatment you choose, all formulas are guaranteed to keep their hearts at their healthiest.

  • Skin & Coat - Why spend money on a trip to a doggie or kitty spa when you can order pet shampoos, clippers, perfumes, shedders, hairball remedies and grooming supplies at the click of a button? You'll also find dental care products, ear cleaners and eye remedies that will keep them feeling squeaky clean and super healthy. Keep your furry friends feeling like a million bucks and looking like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Enjoy your special 1800 Pet Meds offer code that will earn you extra savings on every order.

  • Supplies - Once they're feeling better, lavish them with canine and feline accessories that will make them forget they were ever sick in the first place. Besides a vast selection of discount pet meds in stock, you'll also find nourishing pet food, beds, bowls, leashes, toys, training aids, treats, crates, kennels, gates, designer dog carriers, and plenty more.
Whether they're aching for flea and tick relief, antibiotics, ear, eye, heartworm or allergy medications, you can count on America's Largest Pet Pharmacy to get your dogs and cats back to feeling like their old, healthy, happy selves. Don't forget to use your 1800 Pet Meds coupon, your ticket to budget friendly, stress-free pet med shopping.

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