Revival Animal Health

Vet selected animal care products and online pet supply

Since 1989, Revival Animal Health has been providing breeders, kennel owners and pet lovers with quality pet medicines, vaccines and animal care supplies. Shop their catalog or online pet supply site for dog, cat and horse products, including:

Specialty pet products for breeders and kennels - Keep your animals healthy from birth with the right vaccines, treatments and cat and dog medications, selected by a vet.

Medical supplies for first aid, eye care and more are available in their extensive online and print pet supplies catalogs.

Puppy and kitten care products - Care for puppies and kittens with supplements, pet medicines and treatments designed specifically for newborns and growing pups and kittens. Orphans and rejected offspring will have a better chance to survive and thrive with milk substitutes like Esbilac or KMR replacement milk, and easy to use nursing bottles.

Equine vet supplies - Revival Animal Health is also a complete equine supplies catalog, offering stable owners and horse lovers the vaccines, meds and treatments needed for optimal equine health.

Small animal specialty pet products - Small pets owners will find the supplies they need to care for their rabbits, ferrets and other small mammals in the print or online pet supply catalog, too. Pest control, disinfectants, rabbit cages, feeders and watering systems are just a few of the products you'll find for the smallest furry pets.

Travel and containment - Keep animals safe with cages, travel crates and gates designed to protect.

Let the people at Revival Animal Health help keep your animals healthy and strong for years to come. From vaccines and pet medicines to veterinary equipment and breeding supplies, they are committed to bringing animal lovers the specialty pet products they need for happy, healthy pets.

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