Agilite - Agility for Dogs

Dog agility equipment and training aids

At Agilite, their goal is to create dog agility equipment that is easy to assemble and take down, lightweight for transport, compact for storage, and adjustable for the range of jump height requirements.

  • Safe, reliable dog agility training equipment for a variety of dog breeds and sizes
  • Dog agility weave poles
  • Tear resistant dog agility tunnels and chutes
  • Tire jumps and hurdles
  • Videos to teach new dog agility exercises
  • Clickers the smallest but most essential piece of dog agility training equipment
  • Advice for setting up your own dog agility course at home or at the dog park
Dog agility trials are about fun! But you're not likely to be enjoying dog agility if you have flimsy or too-heavy dog agility equipment. Let the people at Agilite show how easy a course set up can be. Safety. Reliability. Portability. That's Agilite!

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