Windy City Parrot

Parrot food, parrot cages, bird treats and all the supplies to care for your feathered companions

Windy City Parrot is your complete source for Parrot Food, Parrot Supplies, Parrot Treats, Parrot Toys, Parrot Toys Parts, Lixit Bottles, Booda Comfy Perches, Manzanita Perches & Stands, Parrot Toy Making Supplies like Rope, Bells & Hardware. Bird & Parrot Cages, Aviaries, HQ Cages, Prevue Cages, Mango Cages, Travel Cages - over 200 easy-to-find cage & stand styles. Cleaners, disinfectants lighting and much much more!

  • Food for birds and parrots - Their huge selection of high quality bird food and treats is unparalleled. Choose from cooked food for birds, pellet food, seed blends, organic food and parrot treats. Food & treats from Beak Appetit!, Goldenfeast, Harrison’s, Hagen, Zupreem, to name just a few. On line guides from manufactures, people who developed the foods and the Windy City Parrot knowledge base will help you decide on the right diet for these complex creatures. Their food arrives weekly to insure freshness and all food shipped has the maximum time left before expiration.

  • Bird and parrot cages - Windy City Parrot's on-line knowledge base will assist you in selecting the proper bird cage or stand. Whether housing your companion parrot, canary or a flock of budgies, selecting the right cage requires an understanding of each bird species individual needs. Their easy-to-navigate categories help you pick the right bird and parrot cages. They list bird cages by manufacturer, species, size, style and several other categories to help you make the right choice from over 200 styles including travel cages, aviaries and parrot towers.

  • Toys for parrots - The experts at Windy City Parrot believe the toys in a bird’s cage are like the leaves on a tree they would reside in wild. Filling a cage with the right toys will help give your bird a sense of privacy helping reduce potential issues such as self mutilation. They’ll help you select the right sized toys for the right sized birds. Their close out toy pricing can’t be beat.

    Once thought necessary to simply entertain your bird, toys are continually evolving. Recent scientific studies indicate a parrot’s intelligence is now perceived to be much higher than originally believed. Their bird toy selection seeks to solve issues ranging from beak and nail grooming, foot care, feather destruction and birdie boredom.

  • Parrot accessories - Birds are messy animals – they were put on the earth to “sow seeds” which is fine if you reside in the jungle but not your family room. They offer great solutions to help clean your bird, your cage and your home. They offer more than 40 styles of replacement dishes to retro fit the majority of parrot cages produced in the past 10 years. Having “extra” cage bowls makes daily feeding much easier. Proper lighting and covering the cage will help regulate your birds sleep cycle and can assist with issues such as prolific egg production.

    Because birds are on their feet 24/7 experts recommend at least 3 types of perches in every cage. They offer the right choice of perch be it manzanita, rope or grooming perch, they have what your bird needs for good foot health. Let your bird snuggle up in their cage with great items from their “Birdie Bedtime” category.
Windy City Parrot accepts any size order – Orders over $45 ship free in the Continental US – and they ship worldwide.

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