Muttropolis Dog & Cat Boutique

Luxury products for your pampered pet

Treat your dog or cat to the best in luxury pet accessories when you shop the Muttropolis dog and cat lovers catalog. You'll find the finest for your pet, from designer pet beds to clothing and other dog and cat lovers merchandise.

Warm, cute, beautiful, funky pet clothes - Your pet deserves the very best. That's why Muttropolis offers the finest in couture pet clothing, pet costumes, dog coats and cute accessories. From a ruffled dress to a waterproof coat, they have the coolest clothing and luxury pet accessories


designer pet beds for cats and dogs - When you're shopping for ways to spoil your beautiful cat or dog, pet beds are one of the very first things you need. And Muttropolis has an amazing selection of bedding and cushions for your precious pet. Select from supportive orthopedic pet beds, cozy beds for your kitty or whimsical dog beds that combine adorable style with exceptional comfort.


Cat and dog strollers for safety and comfort - Take your pet out for a stroll even when the streets are crowded when you use a beautiful cat or dog stroller. The zipper closure keeps your pet inside, while the mesh front lets them enjoy the breeze and see the world go by.


Cat and dog carriers - Whether you're traveling by car or plane, comfortable, secure pet carriers will keep your furry friends riding in luxury and style. Choose an over the shoulder bag for diminutive pets, or a wheeled carrier for larger pets or times when your hands are full.


Leashes, collars and harnesses - Give your pet some bling, or just a bit of color with a new collar from Muttropolis. Their dog and cat lovers catalogs and website also feature leashes and harnesses that are as beautiful as they are practical.


Whether you're buying your cat or dog pet beds, apparel, a carrier or a new collar and leash, if you really love your pets, Muttropolis is the place for you. Exquisite pet care products from people who understand how much you love your pet.

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