Decorative bird cages and custom reptile cages for your exotic pets

Since 1997, has been providing top quality, affordable exotic bird cages and reptile cages. Select from their exceptional designs in:

  • Decorative bird cages and enclosures - Choose from beautifully engineered indoor, outdoor and flight enclosures for your birds. Whether you need them as finch cages, parrot enclosures or other large bird cages, these decorative bird cages offer a durable, elegant, and safe environment for your pet.

  • NOTE: They do not sell enclosures for dogs, cats or fish - nor any type of aquariums that hold water.

  • Reptile cages and enclosures - Provide an attractive museum quality enclosure for your reptiles when you select from their specially-designed line of environments. Introduce the beauty of reptile-occupied terrariums into your home or office when you select one of their complete packages with rock ledges, warming lights, feeding dishes and other essential reptile supplies included. These enclosures are so much more than traditional iguana cages or snake cages. Each makes a stunning addition to your décor, while providing a comfortable, natural environment for your reptiles.

  • Small mammal enclosures - Small animals will thrive in's collection of enclosures. Create the perfect cage system when you select from their Hybrid line - you choose the sizes, materials and design that fit your pet's needs. Ideal as ferret or chinchilla cages, or as an indoor or outdoor home for any small mammal, these enclosures are designed for beauty and safety, as well as durability and ease of assembly. worked for years to create cages and other enclosures that are affordable, mobile, light enough for the average person to be able to fit in their home or office, durable enough for commercial use, and attractive enough for museum display.

Whether you choose them as snake cages, small mammal environments, or as a decorative bird cage, you and your pet will benefit form their years of experience in designing and building safe and beautiful homes and cages.

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