J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Pet products at wholesale prices from toys and treats to food products for your pet

Whether you're a dog groomer, a kennel owner, breeder, dog show enthusiast or just have a pretty awesome dog or cat to come home to every day, you owe it to them and your wallet to purchase wholesale pet products at J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies. This cat and dog supply catalog brings you everything from cat toys and treats to healthy pet food while saving you big dollars.

  • Wholesale pet products - You love your pet, but you don't have to spend a fortune on them when you can buy wholesale pet products at J-B! From grooming supplies to food, pet beds to flea and tick control, choose from pet bowls and feeders, collars, vitamins, and other pet friendly products that will keep those dog tails wagging and those kitty cats meowing!

  • Dog and cat toys and treats - Let them play like the cats and dogs they are with dog and cat toys and treats that'll give them a thrill! From a new cat condo or cat perch to dog bones, catnip and more! A step above the old rubber ball, they'll enjoy plush toys, talking toys, rope toys, canvas toys, Kong toys and more. What are you waiting for Sparky? Go fetch!

  • Housebreaking products - You don't need a copy of "Dog training for Dummies" to avoid pet accidents around the house! For housebreaking dogs the easy way, J-B Wholesale has the answers for you. From a dog litter box to puppy pads, plus housebreaking aids like Train-Umm Spray to Pee Posts that will help get that little pup potty trained for good!

  • Dog food - It's Suppertime Snoopy! Man's best friend deserves healthy dog food, Treat them to California natural dog food, Wellness dog food, Royal Canin dog food, Nutro dog food, Holistic Select, Natural Choice and other tasty pet foods that beat a plain old bowl of kibble. Plus you'll find great feeding accessories from scoops to lids that'll make pet serving a snap!

  • Cat food - Whether your feline friend is a dry or canned food lover, they'll enjoy a menu of great tastes from J-B at wholesale prices! Choose from Wellness cat food, EVO, Before Grain, Innova, Newman's Own, Solid Gold and other leading brands of cat food in both dry and canned varieties. You'll also find gravy and food coating pet protects to help your dog or cat savor every bite!

  • Pet gates - Don't let your pet wreak havoc on your home while you're away, especially if you're still housebreaking a puppy! Find pet products and pet gates to keep man's best friends from going where you don't want them. Choose from wooden pet gates, metal gates, extension panels and gate installation kits to pet proof your home today!
Whether you're housebreaking dogs or need to stock up on kitty treats, J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies is the cat and dog supply catalog that cat and dog lovers turn to for quality wholesale pet products delivered right to their door.

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