Holy Spirit Monastery Gifts

Monastery gifts, from fudge to fruitcake & rosaries to books - from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit

The Monastery of the Holy Spirit brings you handmade monastery fruitcake, decadent fudge, and more gourmet and religious monastery gifts.

  • Monastery Fruitcake - The Monastery of the Holy Spirit follows St. Benedict's "Rule for Monks", where monks work for their living simply and purely by their own hands. Spoil yourself with a mouthwatering selection of monastery gifts handmade by monks, featuring moist, Southern-style monastery fruitcakes that are expertly aged with peach brandy and sherry, filled with the tastiest pecans, raisins, dates and sweet morsels of peaches, pineapple and cherries. Order a single fruitcake, or a package of a dozen gourmet fruitcakes to gift and share with friends, family and loved ones.

  • Monastery Books - Supplement your spiritual library with a collection of books written by the monks of the Holy Spirit Monastery, their friends, and colleagues. Begin your own spiritual journey with titles that range from The Road to Holiness to The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, and even more inspiring works that will raise your spirits and nurture your faith.

  • Fudge - Treat your sweet tooth to rich and creamy fudge handmade by monks, using only premium quality ingredients including real butter. Choose from tasty Milk Chocolate fudge, crispy Chocolate Walnut and Maple Walnut fudge, or Southern Touch, a delectable fudge creation packed with peach morsels and accented by a touch of peach brandy. Order your fudge by the box, a 12 box case, or a fudge sampler that includes four boxes of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit's most popular fudge flavors, all wrapped up and ready to share for the perfect monastery gift.

  • 100% Natural Raw Honey - Enjoy the sweet taste of honey, the way nature intended. Order sixteen ounces of 100% Natural Raw Honey that comes in a squeezable plastic bottle, created exclusively from the nectar harvested by bees at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.

  • Coffee - Start your morning right with a cup of rich and delicious gourmet coffee from the foothills of Venezuela's Andes mountains. Savor every sip of this premium Arabica coffee, grown and roasted by a small community of Trappist monks who follow an impressive 900-year monastic tradition. A thoughtful and flavorful gift for any coffee lover, your coffee will arrive in 12 oz vacuum-sealed foil bags nestled in decorative burlap gift bags.

  • Rosaries & First Communion - Say your prayers with a rosary that features the same Job's Tears rosary beads that Mother Teresa prayed with herself. Marvel in these intricate and authentic rosaries and rosary bracelets handcrafted by the Monastery of the Holy Spirit's very own Father Anthony, using real Job's Tear seeds. Each handmade rosary will be blessed on request with the special blessing of St. Benedict. Find even more religious keepsake gifts including handmade First Communion crosses and necklaces that will be cherished forever.
The Monastery of the Holy Spirit delivers a charming selection of products made by a monk's own hands, featuring handmade food items including delicious monastery fruitcake and fudge, spiritual books, handcrafted rosaries, and more extraordinary, one-of-a-kind monastery gifts.

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