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No Greater Joy Ministries - Books & videos for Christian families

No Greater Joy Ministries brings Christian families the Christian parenting resources needed to put children on the right path. Through their collection of illuminating ministry videos, books and tapes, Michael and Debi Pearl have enjoyed great success in strengthening the bonds between Christian families.

  • No Greater Joy Ministries - NGJ founders, Michael and Debi Pearl, have produced over 500 articles in the pages of their bi-monthly No Greater Joy Magazine, covering issues ranging from child training and Christian parenting to marriage, the Bible, homeschooling and other Christian family topics. Now parents can benefit from their expertise through a selection of helpful ministry videos, books and audio materials available at the No Greater Joy online store.

  • Christian parenting resources - No Greater Joy Ministries helps parents break the cycle of bad habits passed down from former generations while recognizing and emulating the wisdom of those who have gone before. Find books and ministry videos that are specifically designed to teach parents how to accomplish the simple task of training a child, while preparing their children for successful lives and futures.

  • Ministry videos, books and audio - Browse through a library of ministry books, ministry videos, MP3s, Cassettes, CDs and other valuable ministry resources that your entire family will benefit from on their personal journeys. Whether you wish to cover the basic fundamentals of Good & Evil, or teach from Michael and Debi Pearl's best-selling book "To Train Up A Child" now available on audio MP3, you'll enjoy a wealth of information and tips that will guide you down the road to successful Christian parenting.

  • Home schooling resources - Discover priceless materials directly related to the how's and why's of educating your children at home with No Greater Joy audio CDs and cassette tapes. Debi and Michael Pearl have put together a collection of their favorite homeschooling ideas to guide you when producing your own homeschooling curriculum, or order exciting package sets that include entertaining coloring books, comic books, CDs and other ministry resources that will captivate children of all ages.
With a belief that the Bible and common sense are the foundations for effective parenting, Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl have helped Christian families across the country achieve the greatest joys, for there is no greater joy than the joy of raising happy, healthy and successful Christian children.

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