Isis Books and Gifts

Tarot cards, books & sets, spiritual jewelry, herbs and Wicca books and supplies

Isis Books & Gifts is your one stop source for all things tarot with tarot cards, books and sets that will put you on the path to spiritual enlightenment and awareness. Find a spiritual library of books including metaphysical, psychic, Wicca & witchcraft book titles and an amazing array of supplies and gifts with herbs, essential oils, sacred statuary stones and crystals, mystical jewelry.

  • Tarot cards and book sets - For all things tarot, Isis holds all the cards. With a unique assortment of tarot cards and book sets, choose from hard to find tarot card decks, divine oracle decks, Egyptian, Chinese or Celtic themed tarot cards and more. Isis even includes sample images from each deck to help you make the perfect choice. You'll also find tarot boxes and velvet bags to keep your tarot cards together and secure for your next reading!

  • Wiccan books and supplies - Get bewitched with a vast array of Wiccan books and supplies including incense, herbs, stones, ritual and essential oils and so much more. Isis has the world's largest selections of book titles on Wicca, Neo-Paganism and Witchcraft in stock everyday with over 500 different titles, so you can explore this ancient spiritual path to your heart's content. Check out their amazing Pagan and Wiccan music selection as well with mp3 samples!

  • Crystals and stones - If their collection of tarot cards and book sets leaves you wanting more, try looking into a genuine crystal ball for a glimpse into your future! With a winning selection of crystals and stones that are just as impressive as their prized collection of tarot cards, choose from Amber or Amethyst, Onyx or Opals and more healing crystals and stones that calm, soothe, clear auras, balance energies and some that even change your luck!

  • Mystical Jewelry- When you're through shopping for tarot cards, give the gift of magic with magical jewelry pieces that are as attractive as they are mystical! Choose from Pentagram charms that feature the ultimate symbol of the High Priestess to gorgeous inlaid stone jewelry, plus Celtic pendants and handcrafted Chakra jewelry designs that are presented on elegant handmade paper cards with an explanation of the corresponding chakra energies noted!
Isis Books & Gifts carries one of the largest selections of tarot cards and books online as well as an enchanting collection of spiritual gifts and accessories. Whether you're looking for tarot cards online, the Book of Shadows, Crystals, Pendulums, Essential Oils or Herbs, you'll encounter a magical shopping experience every time you visit Isis Books & Gifts.

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