Bring the magic home -- Celtic, Wiccan and Druid gifts, books, symbols, and jewelry

The Celts have long been keepers of the ancient wisdom and symbols. Share in the beauty of the ancient Druid symbols, Celtic images and Wiccan symbols.

  • Wiccan jewelry - The owl, ruler of the night and wisdom, a sterling silver four cornered knot pendant symbolizing the four elements, a pentagram embellished bell pendant - these and dozens of other powerful Wiccan symbols are rendered in beautiful silver jewelry.

  • Druid symbols, gifts and books - Celebrate the old religions when you choose jewelry and gifts featuring powerful Celtic Druid symbols. Runic jewelry, bowls and other gifts with the ancient symbols will enhance your practice. Learn how to become a Druid or Druidess with handbooks that combine the old ways with today's spiritual needs.

  • Goddess gifts - The spiral path represents the Mother Goddess. Honor the feminine power with a beautiful spiral-embellished wand, sterling silver jewelry or cozy throw. Celebrate the three ages of womanhood with triple Goddess collectibles carved with the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

  • Anam cara gifts - The ancient meaning of anam cara is Soul Friends -- those with whom we have a connection that transcends space and time. Choose a special gift for the ones in your life who have become an inseparable part of your soul. An eternity knot ring, bracelet, necklace or mirror is a perfect way to show those who mean the most that your bond is eternal.

  • The mythical tree of life - The Celtic tree of life is an image that combines branches reaching for the infinite sky with firm roots attached to the earth. Celebrate the duality of life with jewelry, scarves, home décor accessories, apparel, and other items featuring this most universal of symbols.

  • Divination tools - Gaze into the future or tap into your inner spirit with a beautiful Druidcraft or Welsh tarot deck. Each of the tarot cards features the standard figures, rendered with exceptional artistry and images that make each deck unique. If you're considering buying a crystal ball, be sure to look at Gael Song's lovely crystal spheres. Each is a useful tool for meditation and contemplation, as well as a traditional method of peering into the future.

Learn about the power of myth - the Celtic way - when you browse their free Wiccan catalogs online and in print. From handcrafted Wiccan jewelry to beautiful symbols for your home, Gael Song has the things you need for your Wiccan lifestyle.

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