TYR Sport

Performance athletic apparel, swimwear and gear for the athlete and triathlete

TYR is the company started by athletes, populated by athletes and geared towards athletes, featuring competition ready TYR swimwear, sportswear and gear for swimmers, runners, cyclers and triathletes.

  • The Company - Named for TYR, The Norse God of Warriors, TYR is a company started by Athletes and powered by Athletes. They are dedicated to re-imagining technologies that help Athletes obtain peak performance through innovation and design. Like all Athletes, they always work with an intense spirit of competition. Everything they do revolves around creating the fastest, most advanced performance products.

  • Swimwear & Sportswear - TYR is a cyber godsend for the competitive swimming and triathlon community, delivering high performance swimwear designs for men, women, and even kids. Choose from competition, guard, technical and training suits for men and women as well as TYR triathlon tops, bottoms, wetsuits, trisuits and swimskins that will give you the edge you need whether on land or at sea. Browse menís and womenís sportswear staples including athletic shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, outerwear, headwear and warm-ups for every training session. Youíll also find boys and girls competitive swimwear, rashguards and thermal suits to outfit and protect the next generation of swim all-stars.

  • Equipment - Established almost three decades ago by the 1972 Olympic Bronze Medal winner and captain of the Ď76 U.S.A. Olympic Swim Team, Steve Furniss, TYR delivers all of the pro swim essentials that an aspiring Olympian needs to bring home the Gold. Shop for high quality equipment and all inclusive gear including arm coolers/warmers and swim sleeves, swim caps, paddles and fins, TYR goggles and gear bags, deck sandals, snorkels, towels, kick boards, nose plugs, stopwatches, and even more underwater must haves and training equipment that will help you shave time off of every lap.

  • Sports - In addition to their competitive TYR swimwear styles, equipment and accessories, TYR also helps you reach peak performance with a vast collection of sportswear and coordinating accessories for other sports and athletic diversions. Choose from apparel, gear and equipment for running, cycling, water polo, TYR triathlon gear for training, competing, and even more items to accommodate all of your aquatic fitness endeavors.

  • Goggles - Whether youíre a training triathlete or a kiddie enjoying an entire summer vacay underwater, TYR goggles will make your ocean or pool play time an even greater success. Choose from racing, training or triathlon goggles as well as swim masks, kidís designs, and custom options that will allow you to design your own personalized pair of under the sea specs. Customize your frames, lens, straps and embellishments to enjoy a truly one of a kind pair.
Since 1985, TYR Sport has served the competitive swim market with a vast selection of performance swimwear designs, TYR goggles, gear and sportswear for men, women, triathletes, and sports enthusiasts alike.

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