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Scuba dive equipment - from diving tanks to sale priced wetsuits

A dozen years ago Leisure Pro was the first Internet-based scuba divers supply company, twelve years later they are still the number one store for scuba diving equipment and snorkeling equipment.

  • Scuba dive equipment - From scuba fins and diving masks to scuba diving tanks, LED gadgets and flashlights to help you see in the darkest depths of the ocean, choose from Leisure Pro's vast selection of brand name diving essentials and accessories at the lowest prices possible.

  • Scuba tanks for sale - LeisurePro.com stocks an expansive assortment of scuba diving tanks to choose from! Explore their stock of double tanks, pony bottle tanks, extra air source tanks and the most popular tanks picked by the scuba diving pros.

  • Scuba compressors - Find the most compact and portable compressors available today at Leisure Pro. Whether you choose air or gas, you'll find a scuba compressor ideal for location dives that are economical to run and even easier to maintain.

  • Snorkel equipment - Featuring snorkels and snorkeling package combos that include a snorkel bag, mask and fins, divers snorkels, divers radio snorkels, underwater snorkels, compatible snorkels, dry snorkels, swimmers snorkels, divers silicone snorkels and flexible snorkels.

  • Wetsuits and dive apparel - You kow what they say, the family that dives together thrives together. Aside from all the cool hi-tech scuba gear Leisure Pro carries, find a smart looking collection of westsuits for the entire family! Choose from mens and womens wetsuits, a wetsuit for the kids, or a drysuit as well as boots, gloves and other diving apparel.

  • Scuba regulators - You found a choice selection of scuba tanks for sale, now pick up a scuba regulator that's factory-tested to ensure maximum performance. Minimize breathing effort with their highly advanced dive regulating devices for the most relaxed, stress-free dive of your life.

  • Scuba knives - For a diver, sometimes a scuba knife can be the difference between life and death. Find a quality knife, spear guns, pole spears and other essential tools that will keep you as safe under the water as you are on land.
Once you've explored Leisure Pro, you'll feel like you've just discovered a buried treasure of scuba dive equipment. For all the scuba supplies you need, trust the prosÖthe Leisure Pros.

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