Ergonomic back care, Jobri inversion tables and orthopedic support products

Jobri manufactures and distributes the finest ergonomic back care products, massage and fitness devices to retail stores, medical catalog companies and home healthcare distributers throughout the USA.

  • Back Care Products - With millions of back pain sufferers, back care products are in high demand, led by the Jobri spine reliever, lumbar supports, back braces and support belts. Hotties Back Wrap, Jobri Action Belt and Deluxe BackCare systems offer beneficial back therapies for employees, customers and patients.

  • Medical Products - Mor-loc orthopedics are available in more than one thousand types of supports for pain relief, including wrist and leg braces, cervical collars, sacro supports, and criss cross belts for back care. Jobri carries a full line of back braces, back belts and spine support to complement back care therapies.

  • Ergonomic Seating - Anatomically correct sitting is essential for back and spine health, and Jobri prides itself on its top quality back support wedges and ergonomic desk chairs. Jobri carries everything for the ergonomically correct office, including the innovative Jobri kneeling chair, adjustable keyboard arms, standing workstations and laptop stands.

  • Sleep Products - Pregnancy, sports injury recovery and spine alignment issues are aided with ergonomically designed pillows and sleep wedges. Adjustable neck rolls, memory sleep foam pillows, cervical rolls, leg wedges and Jobri spine reliever body pillows banish body pain and make restful sleep possible.

  • Fitness & Massage Devices - The Jobri inversion table is a customer and patient favorite for its circulation benefits, muscle pain and the compression effects of daily living and gravity effects. A wide variety of massage devices, including handheld massagers, electric back massagers and therapeutic foot massagers are popular products.
The makers of the Jobri inversion table proudly manufacture over 1000 different healthy living products, including BetterBody, Accu-Back, Mor-loc, Bay Jacobsen, and Feel Good Furniture. Jobri offers fulfillment services and warehousing for its retail partners as well. Join the Jobri team of retailers to support healthy lives and offer your customers or patients products for pain-free living.

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