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Fun classroom games & activities for teaching or therapy - Improve sensory integration and processing, fine motor skills & more

Fun and Function - Professionals is the place where teachers, occupational therapists, speech and physical therapists go to stock their classrooms and pediatric centers with affordable and durable products. Choose from therapeutic games, fun games for the classroom and toys for sensory processing and integration, autism, gross and fine motor activities, speech development, and perception products that help children achieve their best!

Save a bundle on combo kits which package all the essentials to save you time and money.

For example there are 10-piece and 20-piece combo kits with tools for easy sitting during circle time in the classroom; motor tools to help kids get in the “just right space” to concentrate; self-calming tools; a weighted sampler kit; and an OT evaluation and treatment kit to enhance clinical observations.
  • Sensory processing and integration - Stock up on sensory brushes,weighted vests, massagers, lap pads, squeeze balls, swings, rotators, and all the basics. Discover high-performing products, like the weighted compression vest designed exclusively by Fun and Function. Therapists and parents report seeing how their children benefit from the combined weight and pressure in one product, enhancing propioception and self-regulation and relieving agitation. The weighted vests, blankets, and comforters are designed for maximum comfort and easy sizing, in kid-friendly colors and fabrics.

  • Fine motor skills activities - Dressing, drawing, handwriting and craft products support fine motor development and engage children in play. The award-winning Magical Apparel helps children practice dressing while pretending to be a firefighter or princess. The 9-piece Fine Motor Kit encourages children to sit with good posture and supports a good wrist and hand position for writing and drawing. Their Fine Motor FunBook improves manual dexterity, visual motor skills, cutting skills, sequencing skills, and visual perceptual skills. Fun and Function's wide selection features lacing cards, pegboards, handwriting grips, pen and pencil weights, slant boards, arts and crafts, and other manipulatives.

  • Gross motor activities - Tunnels, scooters,balls, balance boards, cars and space explorers are among the many products you’ll find to support children’s balance, motor planning and active play. Their exclusive scooters are made of high density foam for comfort and durability. Kids have a great time while they strengthen their upper extremities, prone extension, and gross motor skills. Choose from tummy scooters, saddle scooters, and other shapes and tactile textures. In every category, find the variety you need, such as tactile and spiky sensory balls, peanut balls, hopper balls, gel-filled balls, gertie balls, and more!

  • Speech therapy for children - Teaching professionals and speech therapists rely on Fun and Function skill-building language products. The exclusive Cool Cards and Mad Magnet-Match Games teach associations, opposites, and part-to-whole relationships. Their Memory Matching Game increases syntactical skills and features an activity book too! A variety of photo cards help increase expressive language skills and vocabulary. The selection of popular games and products range from Zingo to PCS Learning Magnets.

  • Social skills for Autistic children - Choose from creative products to teach social skills to autistic children. Emotions cards heighten children’s awareness about themselves and others. Self-calming cards in English and Spanish guide activities for a range of ages, from toddlers to adults. Exclusive magnetic speech games from Fun and Function enhance receptive and expressive language skills. The Classroom Resource Set includes A Teacher's Guide with complete instructions on how to integrate games into classroom stations, learning centers and enrichment activities. Discover a wide selection of matching and memory games, treasure hunt games, pattern play games, and puzzles to reinforce perceptual skills.

  • Self-calming tools for children - Create a space for children to calm and cool down, at home or at school. The noise reduction ear-muffs are designed to fit small ears and are perfect for children overstimulated by noise. Combo kits feature a play tent, squeeze balls, ear-muffs, weighted vest, lap pad, and cushions.
With an exceptional range of products designed by therapists and tested by kids, Fun and Function provides you with children's educational toys and therapeutic products for the classroom home, and outdoor play.

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