Dragon Door

Become stronger - faster. The World's best exercise books, kettlebell routines & equipment

Enjoy a better, stronger and more balanced body with high performance kettlebell weights, the best exercise books, DVDs and resources from Dragon Door Publications.

  • Books - Lose fat and discover your inner power with an extensive library of training books and fitness resources that will guide you on your way to mastering the art of the Russian kettlebell movement. Whether your focus is on conditioning, perfecting your kettlebell swing, building mass or bench pressing, you'll find the right on point paperback that will share results oriented kettlebell routines and strength enhancing secrets while delivering valuable tricks and techniques that will completely transform your physique.

    Choose from paperback books or enjoy extreme calisthenic strength training on the go with easy to download digital books that can help you train at home, the gym or away from home while using your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

  • DVDs - You don't have to hit the gym or shell out a pricey annual membership in order to benefit from the strengthening powers of the kettlebell. Challenge your body and push your endurance while achieving the ultimate upper frame with a complete library of Dragon Door kettlebell routines on DVDs that can be performed on your own time, at your own pace and at your own leisure, all in the privacy of your own home. Shop by activity level, from beginner to mid-level and advanced or by sex, featuring fitness DVDs designed specifically to target the needs of male and female fitness enthusiasts.

  • Kettlebells - Maximize any workout with premium Russian kettlebells available in your ideal weight, from 10 lbs for beginners to 106 lb bells for the ultimate pro. Keep your Dragon Door kettlebell collection organized, off of the home gym floor and in their right place with convenient storage racks that have an impressive capacity to hold almost a ton of kettlebells (up to 1400 lbs), guaranteed to keep your entire arsenal of weights properly stored and easily within reach.

  • Equipment - Build the home gym of your dreams with your own advanced weight system supplemented by a collection of premium fitness equipment that will take every workout beyond any basic barbell routine. Choose from Indian clubs, ab pavelizers, neo burners, grips and racks that will give you everything you need to mix it up by performing special combinations and isometrics designed to yield unbelievable results.
Dragon Door is your key to kettlebell success, featuring the World's #1 handheld gym device for extreme fitness. Shop premium kettlebells of every size and weight as well as training books, manuals, DVDs and equipment that will help you achieve the power, conditioning, flexibility and results you deserve.

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