Designer decor, gifts and jewelry from India

Shop an online treasure chest filled with designer goods and gifts from India, featuring exclusive collections of handmade apparel, accessories, decor and authentic jewelry from India.

  • Apparel & Accessories - Everyone loves being an insider. Tjori gives you exclusive VIP, members only access to their limited period events, featuring the most unique products from India, delivered right to your doorstep. From hand painted silk scarves to vibrantly woven tote bags, eclectic dresses to statement making pants and jackets, you'll be treated to a surprise selection of new and exciting pop-up shop apparel and accessories that have been crafted by the most gifted designers, artisans and weavers found all across the Republic of India.

  • Jewelry - Incorporate an element of ethnic charm to every ensemble with designer handcrafted designer jewelry from India. Whether you favor intricate pendant necklaces, glamorous drop earrings, bright cocktail rings, charm bracelets or cuffs, you'll fall in love with designer pieces that range from delicate and understated to bold, colorful and show stopping.

  • Home Decor - Find your next great centerpiece. Fill your home with a unique selection of items that tell a story, showcasing rich textures, bold colors and expert craftsmanship. From luxuriously scented candles for the living room to comfortable block printed quilts for the bedroom, you'll find an intriguing variety of contemporary home accents with decor from India that have been carefully constructed by human hands, displaying international culture as well as generations of skill.
Tjori is where Indian designs go international, hosting limited period events that give members instant access to the most unique selection of apparel, jewelry and gifts from India. Become a member today to procure your own international treasures for your wardrobe, jewelry box, or the home, with new designs and products from India unveiled every day.

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