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Artists Club catalog - Your online art supply store for all of your decorative painting needs

Fine paint brushes, books, supplies and more for decorative and tole painters, from the Artists Club catalog and art supply store online.

  • Paint brushes - Fine artists need fine materials. When the team at the Artists Club catalog couldn't find paint brushes that they loved for a price that they could afford, they simply created their own. Browse the Papillon brush collection for the finest paint brushes on the market, tested and retested by painters and focus groups and available for only half the price. Explore a selection of quality brushes featured at the Artists Club art supply store, from comb and shader brushes to round, liner and angular brush styles that have bounce and sharp tips that retain their shape for consistency, longevity and control.

  • Painting books and packets - The Artists Club art supply store is fully stocked with a bestselling collection of painting books, pattern packets and painting instruction packets that will not only inspire the artist within, but also keep you painting all year round while perfecting every brushstroke. Whether your preferred medium is oil, acrylic or watercolor, you'll find the perfect book to incorporate into your artistic library. Shop by medium, style or theme for books that embrace all of the seasons, various skill levels and styles ranging from Folk Art to Landscapes, Florals and more.

  • Painting surfaces - Why paint your next masterpiece on a plain old piece of paper or canvas when you can find the perfect surface for all of your most special tole painting projects here in the Artists Club catalog. Choose from easy to paint ornament surfaces ideal for the holidays, decorative boxes, calendars, blank canvas banners, sacks and totes, plaques, pedals, signs, figurines and more classic shapes and surfaces that will complement and enhance every piece of your artwork.

  • Painting supplies and tools - Keep all of your decorative painting supplies and tools within reach with an extensive collection of Artists Club catalog essentials including acrylic paints, patio and soft fabric paints available in hundreds of colors, painting chemicals, watercolor paper, tracing and transfer paper, stencils, palettes and palette knives, thumb gloves, storage tools, specialty brushes and so much more.
Hone your craft with the experts who have mastered their craft. With 25 years of combined experience, the Artists Club catalog delivers the finest tole painting materials and supplies that any decorative artist will appreciate.

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