Sargent Welch

Chemistry science supplies and lab equipment

Whether you're looking for new and exciting science teacher resources to get students excited about learning, or your school needs science lab equipment and classroom furniture, the Sargent-Welch catalog has what you need.

  • Chemistry glassware, supplies and equipment - Finding the right science classroom supplies and chemistry equipment for your classroom, school lab or home school science program is easier with Sargent-Welch. They have everything you need, from the basics of chemistry for elementary science teacher activities, to chemistry lab equipment for college level experiments.

  • Tools and supplies for school biology labs - There's no need to search for student science equipment or life science supplies for your school classrooms and labs - Sargent-Welch has everything you need in one convenient catalog. Choose from botany, anatomy, health science, or zoology classroom materials and science lab equipment for grades K through 12 and beyond.

  • Supplies and equipment for physics labs - The physics classroom and lab will become your students' favorite place to learn when you add hands-on science lab equipment and supplies. Whether you need inclined planes, simple machines or advanced quantum mechanics supplies, they're ready to make the physics classroom something special.

  • Manuals, guides and kits for school science experiments, - Don't miss their collection of manuals, kits and project guides for physics, biotechnology, earth science, biology and chemistry science projects.

  • Kids classroom furniture - From benches and cabinets for chemistry labs to library shelves and computer desks, Sargent-Welch has the furniture schools need to make their facilities work for students and teachers.

Teachers, home schoolers, and school administrators know that when it comes to school science supplies and equipment, from chemistry glassware to classroom and lab furniture, Sargent-Welch has exactly what they need.

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