Geddes School Supplies

The school supply catalog for students, teachers and school stores

Whether you shop their online or print school supply catalogs, they have the year round and back to school supplies you need.

  • Pens and pencils: the Geddes specialty - Browse their elementary / secondary school supply catalogs for the most essential of all student and teacher supplies. From brightly printed character and theme pencils to locker supplies, check out their huge selection of fun for students of all ages. Gel pens, glitter pens, and markers make your projects colorful. Take advantage of their bulk school supplies for convenience and to save money - perfect for school stores, classroom supplies or fundraisers.

  • Bulk school store, fundraiser and discount teacher supplies - Provide your students with the supplies they need to make the most of school. Or stock a school store as a simple ongoing fundraiser.

  • Locker decorations and accessories - Keep your locker neat and school supplies easy to find with locker organizers, magnets and storage bins. Then personalize your school space with mirrors, whiteboards and locker buddies.

  • School book covers - Protect expensive text books with easy-to-use stretchable book covers. These washable covers will fit almost any school book in seconds, for a quick and safe personal touch for your texts.

  • Arts and crafts classroom supplies - Geddes art supplies are perfect for creative homeschoolers, teachers, or parents who want to encourage budding artists at home or in the classroom. Their art-centered discount school supplies include non-toxic crayons, safety scissors, glue sticks, paints and brushes.

  • School tools - Geddes catalogs and websites are complete student and teacher supply stores. From a stapler or calculator to erasers and rulers, they have all the discount school supplies you need for a great school year.

Since 1924, Geddes has been one of the leading school supply companies for school stores. From pens and pencils to stretchy school book covers, they keep students and teachers ready for school.

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