Exceptional ingredients from family owned and artisan producers

The key to creating a top chef caliber meal is choosing the right ingredients. Eat simply and embrace healthy food for living with the best artisan foods and homegrown ingredients, all available in the pantry.

  • Pantry Staples - Take every meal from mediocre to magnificent by stocking your pantry with the same high quality, handcrafted and hand grown ingredients that the nation's top chefs stock in their very own pantries. You'll find a chef select A to Z assortment of essentials featuring everything from pesto and pasta to rice and grains, jams and jellies, and the freshest herbs and spices guaranteed to pack in the most complex layers of flavor. Stock up on gourmet cheese and crackers, pate, olives, nuts, couscous and cereals, beans and lentils, stocks, oils and vinegars, truffles, and practically every condiment in the cookbook including fine ketchups and mustards, hot and spicy sauces, honey, wasabi, relishes, chutneys, and more staples.

  • Meats & Seafood - Why spend hours in your grocer's aisles or at the butcher counter when you can have all of your favorite ingredients, meats and proteins delivered right to your door? From Spanish salami to wild Alaskan salmon that is fresh and never frozen, Chef Shop delivers the perfect sources of protein that will make any entrée that much more memorable. Fill your meat freezer with hearty smoked bacon, beef franks, ribs, all natural smoked hams and free range turkeys or get your seafood fix with Alaskan sablefish and halibut, canned tuna, sardines and anchovies.

  • Fruits & Vegetables - Sink your teeth into juicy, mouthwatering fruits that taste just like you picked them right off of the tree. Discover healthy food for living with the ripest selection of fruits that are picked at their peak and shipped the very next day to ensure their freshness. From huge and meaty cherries to bake the perfect cherry pie to organic avocados that will help you whip up a beyond great guacamole, you'll find plums and pluots, spicy dried chilies, organic garlic, dried fruits, krauts, and more preserved vegetables and produce.

  • Desserts, Sweets & Beverages - Ready for dessert? Add the finishing touch to any flavorful feast with the Chef Shop's celebrated selection of desserts including Italian cannolis, irresistibly rich chocolates, and festive fruitcakes that are available for the holiday season and all year round. Save the best course for last with luscious dessert sauces, spreads and syrups to top off any treat, caramels, cakes, cookies, candies and brittle, plus the finest coffees, teas and hot chocolate beverages that will help you savor the sweetness down to the very last bite.
Since 1997, has made our kitchens a better place by encouraging us to eat simply and live well. Treat your pantries and palates to a carefully curated selection of healthy, home grown and hard to find ingredients sourced from family owned farmers, growers and artisans who work hard to provide the freshest, most flavorful foods possible. Join the online community to experience the finest gourmet ingredients, exclusive chef pantry videos, informative food articles, exceptional recipes, and even more epicurean extras.

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