Robert Rothschild Farm

Gourmet country market groceries and specialty foods

Enjoy award winning specialty foods at every meal from Robert Rothschild Farm with the flavors of gourmet country specialties, dips, sauces, toppings, condiments and baking mixes.

  • Sauces, Oils and Condiments - Add a special touch to sandwiches, meats and main dishes with organic and gourmet sauces from Robert Rothschild Farm. Gourmet oils and specialty vinegars add sparkle to your salad and are perfect for dipping fresh baguette and grilled vegetables. Try a blueberry balsamic sauce with chicken salad, or whiskey pepper cream sauce with pan seared steak. Your gourmet pantry should include a selection of gourmet mustards, chutneys and flavored ketchups that make every meal just a little more special.

  • Spreads, Preserves and Toppings - Old fashioned fruit spreads and gourmet preserves like heirloom tomato watermelon jam and hot pepper raspberry preserves will make your table the most popular one in the neighborhood for breakfast or lunch. Can't decide which flavor combination to try next? Choose a Rothschild Farms preserves party pack for a taste of hot pepper with peaches, raspberries and cherry ginger. Robert Rothschild Far dessert toppings and sweet fruit toppings are perfect with your favorite pies, ice cream and cupcake frosting recipes.

  • Snacks - Choose pretzel dippers and pita chips for your next party. Then, experience the fresh flavors of artisan dips, hummus and salsas from Rothschild Farms for the perfect combination of salt and crunch. If you have a sweet tooth, you won't want to share the chocolate covered pretzels. Bakers will love their mini fillo shells to create canapés or fill with mousse for tempting dessert bites.

  • Baking Mixes and Coffee - Start with a scone mix, muffin mix or bread mix from Robert Rothschild Farm and you can't go wrong. They are filled with country goodness: wheat flour, wild berries, real vanilla and rich flavors. Many of their baking mixes are gluten free, organic and non gmo, so read the detailed ingredient lists to find exactly what you are looking for. Get your day started right compliments of Rothschild Farms with their organic slow roasted coffee beans for a fuller, smoother cup of coffee.
If you are tempted by their unusual sauces, condiments and dessert toppings, but don't have just the right recipe, check out the Robert Rothschild Farm blog for entertaining inspiration, food ideas and gourmet country recipes. Their meal suggestions will inspire you to fill your shopping cart with delicious country groceries.

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