Gourmet chocolate ingredients, tools and supplies for making chocolate at home

Take your homemade chocolate creations to the next level with Chocoley gourmet ingredients, crafted in the finest Belgian Tradition and proudly made in America.

  • Chocolate Fountain & Fondue - Melt your way to magnificence with rich and creamy chocolate that is expertly formulated for use in the fanciest of fountains as well as fondue pots! Choose your favorite flavors including semi-sweet dark, milk and white chocolate fondue and fountain varieties that require no additional cocoa butter or vegetable oil. Seriously, Just Melt It, dip it, and enjoy! There's no better (or easier) way to let the chocolate flow freely at your next party or gathering. You'll also find specialty fountain supplies, flavorings and colorings that will add an extra special custom touch to every creation.

  • Candy Making Chocolate - No matter if you're a well seasoned chocolatier or if this is your first foray into the world of making chocolate, Chocoley has you covered, featuring a mouthwatering variety of the most user friendly candy making chocolates available, made from only the highest quality ingredients and conveniently delivered to your door. Indulge with gourmet Couverture and Ultra Couverture chocolate or enjoy the exceptional taste of no tempering required compound chocolate that is easy to use for no candy making muss or fuss! You'll also find drizzle and design options to make dazzling decorations, guilt-free Fair Trade Organic flavors, and creamy caramel and cream centers for the ultimate candy combination!

  • Design & Decorating - Making chocolate from scratch? Have fun expressing your creativity with tasty accents and embellishments that will serve as the cherry on top. Decorate until your heart and taste buds are content with a selection of decorative toppings that will help you put the finishing touch on every candy bite. Make a delicious statement with colorful jimmies and non-pareil candy sprinkles, edible confetti, gourmet sanding sugars and metallic sugar crystals that will add sparkle and sophistication with a dusting of gold or silver.

  • Candy Making Tools & Equipment - Stock up on the right tools and equipment that will help you produce perfection, one flawless batch after batch. Choose from plastic sheet, cast aluminum or polycarbonate chocolate molds, dipping tools, spatulas, scrapers and scoops, airbrush kits, warmers and thermometers, tempering stones and machines, plus packaging supplies, sticks and skewers for effortless serving. You'll even find complete candy and caramel apple making kits for children and adults, amateur and seasoned chocolatiers alike.
Discover the secret of Chocoley, featuring the finest gourmet chocolate fondue, fountain and candy making ingredients that will help you create scrumptious and spectacular candy confections right in your own kitchen.

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