Early's Authentic Southern Food & Gifts

Country style food and gifts - pork style ribs, hams, country ham glazes and more

Early's Authentic Southern Food & Gifts is the oldest mail order house in the South featuring Country style pork ribs, Country hams, ham glazes, cheese, jams, mixes, nuts, and other sausages and country fixins!

  • Country style pork ribs - True Southerners know there's only one way to eat pork ribs and that's Tennessee-style... smoked and smothered with tangy seasonings! Gift your tastebuds with a feast of Early's country style ribs and authentic southern barbecue! Choose from slabs of Tennessee Style Smoked Ribs or 3 lbs. of fully cooked pork and a 14.5 oz. bottle of Early's tangy barbecue sauce glazes made from an old family recipe. Thanks to Early's you'll have enough pork for delicious pork rib recipes and barbecue sandwiches to feed an army!

  • Country hams - Serve up a down home country meal with Early's aged Tennessee Country hams ready for the slicing! Choose from a variety of delicious, aged Country hams and ham glazes from a pre-sliced spiral ham to ham center cuts from the heart of the ham! If you're really hungry, order a whole smoked country ham prepared the old-fashioned Tennessee Hill Country way! Don't forget to smother those country hams with Early's special ham glazes!

  • Country Ham glazes - Your country ham tastes great on it's own, but for an extra special treat try Early's Praline Pecan Glaze for ham! Rub it on ham, turkey, chicken, pork ribs, country sausage and whatever else you've got cooking! Use it as a decadent ham glaze, on the side as a delectable dipping sauce, over cream cheese or brie for an amazing appetizer or over cheese cake or ice cream for a sweet as sin country style dessert!

  • Smoked meats - You haven't experienced Early's Southern best if you haven't sampled their mouth watering slow-smoked country meats! Enjoy smoked sausage recipes, smoked hams, smoked turkeys, country style smoked pork, smoked ribs and other country style smoked delicacies that are slowly smoked the old-fashioned way over genuine hickory embers, and fully cooked for your convenience! Brush on some delicious ham glazes and your mouth won't stop watering until you get another bite.

  • Country gifts - Whatever the occasion is, Early's has a Country style gift that any Southerner is sure to love! Find gifts that are overflowing with Early's most requested country style meats and favorites! Choose from the Country Sampler, the Combo or Smokehouse Country Pork Rib Samplers and gift baskets filled with Early's hams, glazes, meats, cheeses, jams, snacks and other yummy Southern country treats!
Bless your dinner table with a Southern feast you'll never forget with Country style pork ribs, pork sausage, smoked meats and country hams you'll want to enjoy every night of the week! With Country gift baskets filled with delicious Southern treats, Early's Authentic Southern Food & Gifts knows, there's no place like down home.

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