Rossi Pasta

Gourmet pasta and delicious pasta sauces to create the perfect Italian meal

Rossi Pasta is more than just pastas and pasta sauces to buy. They actually help you create the perfect Italian dinner! Browse their pages and select from:

  • Gourmet pasta varieties, such as Saffron, Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Spinach basil Garlic, artichoke, wasabi and even Jalapeņo!
  • Incredible Italian pasta sauce with that fresh-from-the-kitchen taste
  • A variety of types of pasta noodles including lasagna, fettuccine, linguine, capellini and angel hair
  • Gifts sets featuring a variety of types of pasta and pasta sauces
And then to help you put it all together, Rossi Pasta has gathered recipes for classic and innovative Italian dishes and added them to their site! Browse the recipes, and then select the gourmet pasta and pasta sauces to buy for a delicious Italian meal.

Rossi will have your order on its way to your kitchen!

Whether you are an Italian epicure who knows all the names of pasta shapes, or someone who has only made spaghetti from a box, you are sure to love the incredible taste and simplicity of Rossi Pasta meals. No matter what types of pasta or Italian pasta sauce you order, Rossi will guarantee you'll be back for more!

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