Virginia Traditions

Honey glazed ham, premium smoked meats and more authentic southern meals

Perfectly smoked honey glazed hams, Edwards Virginia Country ham and authentic southern smoked meats, from the Surry smokehouse to your dinner table.

  • Virginia Country Hams - Whether you prefer the sweet taste of city-style honey glazed ham or the savory richness of Virginia country ham, Virginia Traditions represents only the finest, award-winning hams that are patiently hickory smoked and aged from 4 to 12 months in the Surry, Virginia smokehouses of the Edwards family. Go the city spiral honey ham route or take the down home southern country road with traditional Virginia country hams with all of the fixings, available cooked or uncooked, boneless or bone-in with flavor profiles ranging from moderately mild to totally intense.

  • Smoked Meats & Poultry - Besides their handsome selection of succulently smoked Virginia country hams and honey glazed hams, Virginia Traditions also offers a sensational variety of other smoked meats, featuring leaner than lean smoked bacon available sliced or unsliced in medium, extra-thick and peppered varieties. You'll also find an assortment of hearty smoked sausage links as well as smoked turkey breast and Louisiana Turducken for white meat and poultry lovers.

  • BBQ & More - Host a southern barbecue in your very own backyard with a collection of brilliant BBQ meals that are great to tailgate and even better to savor with your family at the dinner table. Take your pick from pit-cooked barbecue pork roast and spare ribs, pulled-pork Carolina-style barbecue, Berkshire Pork Chops and Certified Angus BBQ Beef Brisket that is barbecued for more than 6 hours over the smoke of real hickory logs to produce an unmatched barbecue flavor.

  • Soups, Sides & Seasonings - Whether you're fixing a honey glazed ham for the holidays, a BBQ brisket for tailgating or a traditional turducken feast, your spread won't be complete without an assortment of southern sides to complement your main dish. Choose from country mac and cheese casseroles, Brunswick stew, savory seafood soups and chowders, black-eyed peas paired with stewed tomatoes, crab cakes, breaded oysters, Jowciale, and smoked seasoning meats that will help you spice up any other soup, stew, salad or side dish in your recipe repertoire.

  • Desserts - End your meal on a sweet note with a sugary, syrupy, and down home delicious selection of mouth watering Virginia Tradition desserts. From their bestselling Uggly cakes to Red Velvet Fusions, Pumpkin cheesecakes to layer cakes, you'll savor sweet Bourbon Walnut pies, peanut brittle, chocolate covered Virginia peanuts, fresh-picked Virginia Blackberry pies and more Old Southern dessert classics that will leave your guests full, but still aching for another taste or sliceslice.
For generations, ham curing has been a seasonal event for Virginia farmers, and now you can reap the benefits of this time-honored tradition. From ham slices to samplers, Boneless Berkshire ham to Spiral honey glazed ham, you'll enjoy the finest smoked ham selection that the state of Virginia has to offer, and even more authentic southern specialties.

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